so it's Christmas Eve, in case you haven't heard.
snow is falling [at least here in Rochester], cookies are being baked, and some last presents are being wrapped.
Christmas with my Dad family has already happened and it was awesome.
i have about a million Christmases left to attend in the next few days and we are nothing but excited.
Christmas is crazy here with my family [and i'm pretty sure everyone says that], but i love it.
love love love it.

this is one reason why.

i got junk to do and family to be around, but i just wanted to stop by and say hi to you guys.
i hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season and that you all enjoy Christmas with your families and that nobody gets run over by a reindeer.
i'll be back in a few days probably with pictures and stories and all that jazz, but for now, i just wanted to give you this.
allie posted it last week i think, and it's a retelling of The Night Before Christmas with Ryan Gosling and Jim Carrey acting it out. Eva Mendez is in there too, but she doesn't matter. Especially because apparently her and Ryan are dating now. What is that?
anyways, it's mildly inappropriate [language reasons], so if you get offended by that sort of stuff, don't click on the link.
otherwise, it's hilar.

Merry Christmas, everyone :)

and that's it

some days i just don't have words.
i fumble over them, i stutter, i mumble.
there seems to be a disconnect between my heart and my brain and my mouth.

and today, i'm not in a mood to try to force it.
to be honest, i just want to get over to my sick boyfriend's house and take care of him.
but i'll be listening to this the whole way there.


i'm yours and that's it, forever.

day off

sometimes all i need on my first real day of break [cause i just finished that dang paper yesterday] is to sleep in until 12:30, lay in bed and read a good book, lay around my house, and have plans of christmas concerts, wrapping presents, and watching It's a Wonderful Life later.

it's the most wonderful time of the year, amiright?

picture from here

the graduate

my momma, the graduate.
it happened way too early Saturday morning, but now she's totally, officially, one hundred percent done with her second Master's degree.
we spent the day with family, eating and celebrating. 
especially because she was offered a teaching job by her program that morning too!
what a smart lady. 
we're all so proud of her.
ain't she cute?

the one where i show some pictures and then admit a quirk

as we speak, benjamin is sitting in the middle of my floor, playing mario.
he's under the illusion that i'm working on my last (!) paper of the semester, but obviously i am not.
obviously blogging is way better.
and as long as he hears the keys tip tip tappin away, i won't get scolded.
that'll come later tonight or tomorrow when he reads this.

i'm sorry i've neglected you guys for so long.
finals week is a pain in my bootay.
lucky for us all, i have a dandy little iphone that takes fabulous pictures for me.
here is an update, in picture form.
plus some words, cause we all know i can't keep my mouth shut.
[also, my instagram/twitter buds may have seen some of these already. whoops.
follow me and you'll get real time wildchild action. such an incentive, right? #bribesthatdontwork ]

there's been lots of Words with Friends (i'm addicted. let's play), some creepin on the ground like a little squirrel by my roommate, lots of papers, and a perfect christmas gift found for a catlady friend.
friday night i went home to get the christmas tree with the fam. ma made dinner, and we hung out, and then we finally made it to the tree farm and picked out a tree within the first minute of being there. i don't understand. that never happens. also, i'm not sure what that reindeer is doing to santa up there.

benny had drill this weekend, so i went up there for date night on saturday. that was the last beard pic for a few days. RIP. there's the pretty patriotic christmas tree and an outfit shot to send my sister, and then i may or may not have worn the same shirt again the next day...
...when we went back to my house to decorate said tree. everyone struggled figuring out the lights while ben and i just sat and watched. we're so kind. also, there's my mother who every time i tell her to smile for a picture, she decides to wave. what  a cutie. then there's my brother and his girlfriend, and my sister and her camera shy boyfriend.
our fat dog, agape, just hanging out, a decorated tree with some models, and a pretty, lit up final product, made even more beautiful on instagram.
and last but not leastie, a final that involved christmas partying at our awesome professor's house, taking the forklift for a ride at church, doing some "research" for my friend chelsea, who just got engaged (!), and a plate sized chocolate chip panacake. 
and yes, i said panacake.
that's how i say it. it sounds more correct to me that way.
 everyone makes fun of me, so don't you start too.
[and as i've mentioned earlier, ben hates pictures.
 he's making that face on purpose, just to ruin it. dang kid.]

so there ya have it. 
it's been a really really good week.
i'm off to actually do my paper now.

a peace offering

i think i'm going to be out of creativity until finals are done.
until i have almost a month long break where i can read lots of good books, bake cookies with my mom and my sister, spend all the time in the world with ben [without the distraction of papers and to-do lists], have christmas celebrations with my many families and ben's as well, and to travel to beautiful new york city with some of my senior class for a little "hurrah, it's our last semester" trip.

so to placate you all until i have time for something real, here are a bunch of linky-links from around the web that i've been loving lately.
oh, and a picture of me and loverboy, for good measure.
  • there's this cool paint chip wall art DIY
  • this sweet NY Times article about love is so well written
  • an incredibly comfy looking scarf that i wouldn't mind getting for christmas
  • another cute DIY, this time of glittery lyrics banners
  • a brilliant, wise tumblr we all could stand to read, about etiquette for a lady
  • a reminder to remember, from one of my favorite blogs ever
  • and lastly, another daydream about one day

that's all for today.
to those of you still in school: good luck with the final push of the semester!
and to those of you out: you lucky ducks.
i'll see you around.

p.s- i'm a little tweeting fool, so if you can't get enough here, find me on twitter!
and on instagram too.
username [for both]: wildchild_jack

i'll keep you safe

from here

today, my heart is full.
full of love for my ben, the kind of love that takes your breath away when you catch him staring at you,
full of comfort that i have a family that will welcome me home any time of the day or night, 
full of joy that i know i'm right where i'm supposed to be, doing what i'm supposed to do, even though this degree has absolutely nothing with what i want in the future,
full of excitement about my future!
about spending my life with this kid, spreading our wings and following our dreams, having this whole road ahead of me to just live as it comes.
also full of dread a little bit. 
leaving this family who loves me so much is going to be hard.
we'll only be about a 4 hour plane ride away, 25 hours of driving, probably 3 weeks of walking if you really put your mind to it, but jeez, that's a lot different than being separated by a few walls in our house. or a 20 minute drive from school to home. or a 12 minute drive from home to dad's house.

my sister left a note in my purse this past weekend when i stayed at home for the night.
a note about how i'm her best friend and she loves me so much, and she sees that benny boy makes me so much happier than anyone could have hoped for and she understands that we need to go to texas and do what's on our hearts, but dang, it's going to be hard.
she said she's going to miss me so much. it's going to be weird not having me right here to count on. to cuddle with and fix her hair and tell her when she's being a stubborn teenager. even though she's planning on following me right down there as soon as she can get out of the house, it's not going to be the same for a few years.
she cried when she wrote it. i cried when i read it. and i'm crying now.
i love her so much. 
i love my family so much.
and i love ben so much.
today i'm thankful that i have so much to fill my heart.

this post, that Megan pointed out, has been one that i've kept coming back to, as these thoughts have been bouncing around in my head.
please go read it.
it'll make your heart burst.
the last paragraph makes me stop every time.