a birthday surprise

i surprised my little sister yesterday with tickets to go see Lady Antebellum for her birthday!

her real birthday isn't until july 6, but we've been talking for years about how awesome they'd be in real life, so when i had a little extra money, i figured now is as good of a time as any, while i'm still living around here and all that.

so i showed up at this party she was at, told her i needed her to come with me, showed her the tickets and she freaked out.

we promptly hopped in the car, blasted some Lady A to prepare ourselves, and zoomed to the show, only to be waiting in traffic for 45 minutes and have to park lightyears away.

it rained a tiny bit, so we didn't want to bring our phones to the actual show, so i have no pictures of that. concert pictures suck anyways. but pictures or not, it was an awesome concert.

we got a perfect lawn spot, were next to this adorable girl who was dancing and smiling at us the whole time, we sang our little hearts out, and danced the night away.

then stopped for some mcdonald's on the way home.
all in all, it was a really fun night.
i'm so thankful that this girl is my best friend.


Unknown said...

That is so lovely of you! It looks like you had a great time too!

Anonymous said...

Wow you guys look so similar! & that's such a sweet thing for you to do :)

Britta Marie said...

super cute i'm sure she loved the surprise!! and you guys could definitely pass for twins!

Anonymous said...

such an awesome suprise! sister time really is the best thing ever.