awake my soul

i'm bad at this blog thing.
i don't have the commitment willpower to sit down and write every day, or every other, or even every week.
i realized when was contemplating quitting the musical that i have commitment issues.
not typical "woe is me, i can't keep a relationship" love commitment issues.
but time commitment issues.
the idea that i have to do something  at a certain time annoys the crap out of me.
how i know i have rehearsal at this time, these days, every single week is so frustrating!
who wants to be the person that says "nope, at these times, every single week for 3 months i'm busy."?
i want to be able to run away when i want to!
i want to have the ability to be spontaneous!
i don't want to be tied downnnnn!

anyways, enough complaining.

today i decided i would share with the world [or the 2 people i think read this] what blogs i read.
these are the ones that
 a) made me fall in love with the idea of blogging in the first place
 b) reduce my homework productivity dramatically because i check them obsessively to see if they've posted any new, witty, gorgeous words/pictures/clothes/ideas for me to be envious of.

some of these are lifestyle blogs, some fashion blogs, some wedding blogs, most combination blogs. 
and the last is to Glamour magazine's website, which has billions of awesome mini blog posts.
 but all are awesome blogs.
hope these 12 links don't take over your internet history as much as they have mine.
happy reading!

<3 wildchild

p.s. my hot boyfriend, b, got a motorcycle! 
soon enough, this will be us.

[from Kissssing]

except cooler.
so actually like this:

okay. bye for real <3


inspired by the blog that started my whole love of blogs, A Cup of Jo, here's a quick post on 5 things that make me happy:

1) "O Israel, put your hope in the Lord. For with Him is unfailing love"
(psalm 130:7)
knowing that God has my back forever.

2) love notes snuck onto my pillow by B

3) chocolate ice cream on a cone, eaten in the beautiful fall sunshine while enjoying a friend's company

4) time spent reading for me. not for class.

5) finding old pictures on my computer from, oh, senior year of high school. 
we were babies. and a little sweaty. don't judge; it was summer and we didn't have air conditioning.

at home

today is a good day.
the sun was shining when i woke up, on my way to class and even now,
it's the perfect crisp temperature for fall,
my time with jesus has been really fulfilling lately,
good hair days are always a miracle,
this boy is the cutest in the world 
and he loves me.

i haven't had much time for blogging lately because i'm in a musical!
i saw signs around campus that the community theatre was doing 42nd Street and i thought
 "i did that in high school. i miss tapping. i love tapping! hooray!"
so i auditioned and you're looking at a member of the tappity tap dance ensemble.
as my friends know, i frequently complain about going to rehearsal and i even contemplated quitting, 
but i've decided that when i'm there i love it, so i'm sticking with it.
i love being a dancer again.
i did it from when i was 3 all through high school. 
that's who i am.
i'm so excited to dress up and get my hair and make up done again and wear gaudy costumes and have people come watch me dance my little feet off.
so if you hear me complaining, ignore it.
i secretly love every part of it.

in other news, even though i haven't written about it, i've still made time for feeling alive.
this has been done in corn maizes, wrapped up with b in the bed of his truck star gazing, road trips, reading wonderful books, having chatty dates with my girls, tappin away, drinking as much coffee disguised as chocolate as Garlock and my bank account will allow, and falling in love with this song:
it's adorable.

also adorable is this picture:

[from the Kissssing blog]

for some reason, photos where the world keeps going and people in love seem in their own little world make me giddy.
and starting from the moment little girls realize there are boys and there are girls and they're meant to fall in love,
we can't stay away from anything that gives us that little pitter patter in our hearts.

so i'm off to have a little phone date with b, 
who makes me giddy every time i see his name pop up on my cell phone screen and every time he's walking towards me.
enjoy this beautiful autumn day!


crash into me

oh what a weekend.
as of wednesday, i finally have my boy back in my arms.
and it feels so good.
so the past 5 days have been spent with him.
making up for lost time.
doing life together.
being in love.

sometimes i feel like my heart is going to explode because of everything i'm feeling.
so for now, a song that i can't stop listening to.

that's all i have.
love wins.
for real.

run away.

now i'm not saying i daydream of running away to france.
walking the streets of paris, buying flowers from the street vendors to put in my hair. 
finding a big tree to sit against and read.
 hopping on the TGV down to nice to lay on the warm beaches, taking a dip in the beautiful mediterranean sea.
i'm not saying i wish i had a private jet and b was a pilot and we could jet away for the weekend.
but if i did and if i was...
this is probably what i'd wear.

it's all from forever21.
and so pretty.
and i'm so poor.
oh college.

in other news, i'm going on a different adventure this weekend!
a secret(ish) adventure.
and i can't even wait.

that's all for now, folks.

if i have not love, i am nothing.

i've decided that amongst my lively life, there needs to be time taken out for inspiration.
this summer held a lot of soul searching and self-realization
and i found that i'm a dreamer.
i'm sure the people who know me could have told you that years ago, but i finally realized just how alive i feel when i use some of the time God has given me 
to find beautiful things and read beautiful words and look at beautiful love stories.
so this new blog is my way of keeping all of the things that melt my heart in one place. 

this is my first time keeping a blog.
and your first time reading my blog.
so let's take some time to get acquainted.

i'm a woman, therefore i frequently change my mind.
but as of tonight, here is one of each of my favorite things:

it's images like these that take my breath away. 

HS Hunter Brittney14

love captured so perfectly.
so hauntingly.
clay austin is one of my favorite photographers.
he takes captivating pictures and writes enchanting words on his blog here:
go be inspired to fall in love.
then come back to me.

this song absolutely makes my heart turn to mush:
sing this to me and i'm putty in your hands.
(note: this applies to b only. :) )

Some men dream of crossing oceans
Some men dream one day to fly
Spend their whole lives out there floating on the water and the sky

Some men dream of building fortunes
Some men dream of having fame
Nothing else is more important then making money and a name

but, In my dreams, I see
A little sky blue house beside a small stream
A front porch, a screen door,
The sound of barefeet running and cartoons.
In my dreams, your dreams come true

I come find you in your garden
Pulling weeds between the rows
Trade a kiss for a glass of water
Sit and watch what love can grow

In my dreams, I see
A little sky blue house beside a small stream
A front porch, a screen door,
The sound of barefeet running and cartoons.
In my dreams, your dreams come true

In my dreams, your dreams
Are the only things that really matter to me
When you smile, i smile
What makes you happy makes me happy too
In my dreams, your dreams come true

-"in my dreams" by josh turner

a poem that resonates every time i read and reread it:
(by robert kogar)

i want you to wear me
as you would a dress,
or the silver necklace that you wear
around your neck.
comfortably, so that i am always
next to you:
but most important-
something you decide
each morning to select.

and a field of wildflowers i want nothing more than to go sit and read in:

the photographer i mentioned earlier, Clay Austin, writes about "The Goodness".
i don't remember his exact words because going back now, i can't find the original post on it.
but as i remember it, "The Goodness" refers to the moment when we find something so beautiful and so perfect, we can't help but stop.
we look at this Goodness and revel in it and thank God that there are beautiful things in the world that make our hearts both beat faster and stop at the same time.
i live for finding my own Goodness every day.
i wish i could come up with my own name for it, so i wouldn't feel so much like 
i'm stealing Mr. Austin's thoughts.
but for now, please go search for The Goodness in your life.
and when you find it, cherish it.

for now, i have some college kid things i have to attend to.
like homework. and more homework.
but i'll be back when the inspiration strikes.
- wildchild