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bon iver is perfect for nights like these

what a perfect fall weekend i've had.
it was just the right mix of time on the couch cuddled up with my hot boyfriend, sleeping in, going out to breakfast, and getting my halloween on with my friends.

we threw together some costumes at the last minute [and if you knew us, this wouldn't surprise you at all],  and ended up having a pretty kick ass time last night.
if you'll excuse the mirror pic, benny was a little devil, and i was tom cruise a la risky business.

a little lame, but definitely good enough for me.
have i mentioned that i love this boy?

in other news, there are some changes up in here.
i got twitter! 
there's a little feed there on the right side and if you wanna follow me, i mean, i guess that's cool.

and another thing: i've decided a want to do a little button swap.
a little free sponsoring, if you will.
i'll post your button here, and, in turn, you post mine on yours.
a little "i'll show you mine if you show me yours" some would say...
i have a little baby blog, and while i'm not looking to get rich or famous off of this thing, i wouldn't mind spreading the word a little bit.
and then you can spread the word too!
even steven.
so e-mail me at sweetandwildchildblog {at} gmail {dot} com if you're interested.
if you're not, then stay away. #haters

by the way, i don't even know how to use this twitter thing, so excuse me as i make a fool of myself trying to figure it out.
i'm not the hippest hipster around.

and now all is right in the world

guys, he's home.
he's home!!!

this past week has been an absolute whirlwind, but in the very best of ways.
my man is finally back in my arms.
and here's a picture to prove it.

warning: this post is going to be mushy, and probably pretty long, so here's your chance to turn back now.
don't say i didn't warn you.

friday was the big day.
we knew his flight was going to land in baltimore around 7 or 8 a.m, at which point, he was going to buy a flight quick to rochester and hopefully be home by noon.
i had the crazy idea on thursday night to drive down to baltimore 
and surprise him!
i was gonna leave at midnight, drive all night, get there right before he did and when he called to say he was in baltimore, i could say "me too!"
it was going to be so cute, and so romantic, but for a few dumb reasons, i decided not to go.
please don't be a boob and comment telling me i should have gone, 
because i know.
i regret it.
[just like some of my friends said i would...]
but in the off chance that he was trying to surprise me, i didn't want to mess things up and me be there while he was here and blah blah blah.
and also, my dad thought i was gonna die on the drive.
i'll make it up somehow, don't worry.

so anyways, friday, i got up and got ready as soon as he said he was in baltimore, because a flight to rochester is only an hour from there.
but it turned out that he had to wait and wait and wait and ended up missing the last flight out until 3-something in the afternoon.
so i had all day to go crazy with my nervous energy.
i took a walk, did some laundry, made a welcome home sign, tried to take a nap, ran to target...anything so that i wasn't just sitting around with butterflies in my stomach and so much energy i could barely breathe.
finally (!) it came time and i zoomed to the airport, blowing through stop signs and honking at those dumb people who actually drive the speed limit.
i got inside and realized i forgot my sign [of course], so i ran back out and got it, freaking out that i was gonna miss his homecoming, all for this dumb sign.
but nope.
i got in there and hadn't missed anything [thank the lord], so that anticipation was just building and i could not stand still. so many butterflies.
 we saw that his flight had landed and then people started coming out of the gate, but they all told us that he was in the last row. 
[they knew cause he was in his abu's. swoooooon] 
but still. annoying. 
we pretended to cheer for the other people like we cared and they were all "oh, ben's a lucky guy", but really i was like, step aside losers, it's time for me to see my man. 
 and then, there he was.
 oh my goodness
and he was walking towards the gate all casual like so i wiggled my little finger like come here you big hunk and he sped walked right into my arms :)
and it felt like home.
we hugged and kissed and held each other tight until i had to let him go to hug everyone else.
so, thennnnnn...
his fam left, we grabbed his bags, and headed on over to the rehearsal dinner cause his sister was getting married on saturday!
beautiful bride and groom, bride and me, tada!

the rehearsal dinner had googly eyes, hopeful smiles, and an ice cream truck.
what more could you ask for?
so friday night all us bridesmaids stayed with rachel in a fancy little hotel suite, got ready and it was wedding time!
such a cute little wedding and the reception was fun and then once the newlyweds left for their honeymoon, we went over to the house and just relaxed all night.
i had to share my loverboy with everyone for the weekend, which was not my fave, but it was alright. totally worth it.
it was nice having family time again :)

so this week has flown by with me going to school, going to work, and spending time with my boyfriend.
and it's so good to be able to say that again.

i'm aware that this post is already the longest post in the world, but i found this and it's exactly what i needed to get me through these past 5.5 months:

"when you love someone that much and that person is away from you, sometimes it literally feels like you can't breathe, as if your body is aching for air. and then that person walks into the room, and all that ache inside of you, all that longing, dissolves and you feel yourself breathe again. but it's as if he takes the same breath with you. you're both one." 
-Diane Les Becquets, Love, Cajun Style

amen, diane. amen.


from here

today's the day!!!!

even as i live them

as i'm getting so filled with anticipation that i can hardly stay still, here are some beautiful words to make your wednesday a little bit lovlier:

"there are moments
i know i will long for
even as i live them."
-judith katsir

i just know that friday's going to be one of those moments.

credit where credit is due: 
photo: from here, words: from here

definite sexy points

b will always be my favorite boy.
but umm, Ryan Gosling's a close second.
and Steve Carrell knows exactly why.

from here

and found here is the most perfect letter to Ryan Gosling. 
titled "Dear Ryan Gosling".
she makes some very valid points.
one of my favorite being:
"In conclusion, just stop it. Just stop being so Ryan Gosling. I’m thankful you exist. Really, I am. But I need my sanity back. I have to be able to face the world with the knowledge that The Notebook is just a really good movie and not an outline for how all my relationships should be."
if you love Ryan as much as i do, you'll die.

bless my little heart

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illustration from here 

one of my thousand four jobs is a caller for the phonathon here at school.
we call alumni and friends of the college to raise money for the Roberts Fund, which gives scholarships to students to help them afford to come here.
and let me tell you.
when i first started last year, i was not too excited about calling and asking for money.
i know how my parents are with telemarketers [sassy], so i assumed that pretty much everyone i called would be the same way.
i was prepared to be hung up on at least every other phone call.

but thankfully, this is not the case at all.
this job has ended up being one of the most fun jobs i've ever had.

a) we start out the night with games and snacks. who wouldn't love that?

and b) most people i call are so sweet! i'm not allowed to share specifics, but i've had so many conversations with elderly people who just love hearing from us. they get so excited to have a conversation with someone who will listen, and it's even better that we're students from here.
they ask about my major and my plans for life, my hopes, and dreams, and goals, and then go on to tell me all about their time here at Roberts and the crazy things they did and how they met their spouse here and are still married and so in love, 50 or 60 years later. 
i talked to a woman last night who was 94 and her parents fell in love at Roberts, had a bunch of babies, and the whole rest of the family tree has come here since.

that's not to say i don't get hung up on once or twice a night.
but who cares.
i call them back and go "i'm sorry, we must have gotten disconnected" and listen to them try to b.s their way out of it on the other end of the line.

i guess the point of this post is to say be nice to the telemarketers who call.
you can still tell them no, and be firm if you have to, but be respectful.
ask a little about their story or their day and you'll probably make their night.
the other point is that old people have awesome stories.
that is all.

my life be like ooh ah

as i write this, i'm getting crumbs all over the keyboard, enjoying my first ever pumpkin muffin.
i packed a healthy breakfast, but that all goes down the drain when someone offers me baked goods.
if there was somehow chocolate in this thing too, that'd be my downfall.
i like to start the day off right with some sugar, carbs, chocolate, and more sugar.

my poor car died last week.
it was a traumatic death, with smoke coming out of the engine and awful grinding noises and everything.
she was a champ these past 2 and 1/2 years, getting me through thick and thin, and i have some good memories in that car, but it was time.
she's on her way to car heaven as we speak.
[otherwise known as the junk yard]
and now, i have a new car!
i know, i know, i move on fast.
but my wonderful momma understood how difficult life would be [for both of us] without a car and she decided to buy a second family one for me to use and then be passed down to my little sister.
what a sweetie.
so here it is, in all it's nice, new-to-us, air conditioned, cd player glory:

love it.

in other news, we're at midterms for this semester and i'm already having to figure out my schedule for the spring.
there's only 1 class that i have to take and the rest of my credits i can just fill up with fun classes. it's harder than i thought it was going to be, but i'm liking how it looks so far: American History, Skiing, a psych class, and a lit class. oh and piano lessons. i've always wanted to learn how to play the piano.
so we'll see how that all goes.

i gotta run, but i'm going to make posting a priority this week.
b comes home in 4 days (!), and lord knows all my free time is gonna be spent with that boy, so i probably won't be around much next week.
it's gonna be a delicate balance, my friends.
cause, no offense, but i like him a little bit better :)


bad pun alert

hi friends.
i'm really sick of this mustache trend too, but this little thing is incredibly fitting:
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after my awesome long break this past weekend,
i'm buried in a to-do list a zillion miles long.
add to that the fact that my computer is at the doctors, so i have to use a campus computer in a lab that closes at a certain time.
and also the fact that the gym also closes at a certain [too early] time, so i'm trying to fit it all in before i run over there to get my skinny on.
it'll all be alright, but i just have to bunker down and write these dumb papers.
i'll be back asap.
later gators!

better than anything else

found here

we only have 9 days left guys.
holy moly.

mama knows best

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my wonderful mother helps with my laundry every time i bring it here.
this is just one of the perks of being home.

no school!

happy friday guys!
i know it's not actually friday, but, as always, 
i have zero classes tomorrow, so it is for me.
and it's even better because this weekend is october break, which means we get monday and tuesday off too.
a 5 day weekend?
i'll take it.
and even though i had my whole blah blah blah i love autumn post last night, look at the forecast for the next 10 days:

that doesn't look like autumn to me, kids.
well, maybe the last 2 days do, but we'll ignore those.
i'm bringing my bike home to get a few little extra sunshine rides.
the only thing better would be if b somehow miraculously got to leave like, today so he could be home to share this ridiculously long weekend with me.
but it'd always be better if b was home.

regardless, i have big plans for this weekend.
tonight: sister's volleyball game (go Hilton!) and seeing my dad, step-mom & co.
tomorrow: shopping! 
jessa and i are having a little date day and i cannot wait.
first on the list are boots like these and then long shirts and leggings like these.

and sweaters like these:
ughh online shopping is dangerous.

but then friday night, we're going to the powderpuff football game to watch her friends, and saturday i have plans to hang out with my brothers girlfriend.
i think we'll probably go for a bike ride and then go see 50/50.
sunday who knows, monday: date with my momma and car shopping (!) and tuesday: dumb homework and back to school for work at night. 
it's gonna be such a good break.

maybe i'll see ya around here, maybe i won't.
we'll see where the weekend takes me.
either way, i hope all of you have a wonderful next few days.
next time we talk, we'll be even closer to ben coming home.
later dudes.

p.s.- if any of you have watched Prison Break, lemme know.
i need help with a secret mission.

my fall

"i'm so glad i live in a world where there are octobers"
-L.M Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables, found here

it's getting to be that time where the air gets chilly.
i'm breaking out my bright red coat that makes me feel like a classy lady, and also my little leather jacket for days that i'm feeling a little sassier.
my face gets rosy when i ride my bike around campus and i'm in boots and leggings as we speak.

i've always said summer is the time for lovin:
 beaches and ice cream cones and baseball games and all that.
but i'm slowly learning that autumn has it's benefits too.
shorter days and colder weather tend themselves towards afternoon walks in the changing leaves and then nights on the couch cuddled up, trying to get warm.
at least, that's what i'm dreaming of.
i'll know in two weeks though.
from here

fall is finally winning me over.

i love you, sleepyhead

good morning friends.
i was woken up [early] this morning by a phone call from my loverboy, so that started off my day so well.
i dropped my toothbrush in the toilet as i was rushing around trying to get ready for work on time, but even that didn't phase this good mood.
nothing's going to.

in other news, i was browsing my inspiration folder this morning and came across this lovely writing by Ariel from a few weeks ago.
this girl writes the most beautiful, romantic things and this one just hit home again today.
the original post is here and it's just so pretty.
go check her out:

from here

One Day by Ariel
You'll make the most standard tasks seem exciting. 
Like errands to the market, or brunch at a local cafe.
And I'll wake every morning, an extra bounce in my step, because I know you're there to catch me, should I stumble.

We'll have a downtown apartment that we pay too much for. 
I'll complain that it doesn't feel like home, but you'll tell me to close my eyes and imagine the possibilities. 
"Just look at the view," you'll say.
I'll take another look, and I'll realize that anywhere with you, is home enough for me.
And suddenly the world around me seems extraordinary.
But that's life with you.

I imagine waking up to you and the sun rising every morning.  
Our windows shaded by the city fog. Our sheer, white curtains gently swaying in the Autumn breeze. 
I'll turn to see you already staring.
And I'll smile at the thought that I was on your mind.
 I'll look at you, that twinkle in your eye.
And in just one look, I'll know.

"Let's forget about work. Just for today," you'll tell me.
I'll stretch my arms above my head, as I turn to face you, but you'll already be pulling me closer.
"Just you and me," you'll whisper, as you bury your nose into the nook of my neck.
And I'll laugh, the way I always do.
But as your eyes meet mine, I know there will never be any greater adventure.
And so I'll go.

One day...


pim? jam?

roomboom and i are catching up on The Office so we can finally watch season 7.
it's a slow go since we're both busy little bees, but totally worth it.
i'm finally connecting all the little dots.
and watching jim and pam's wedding finally?
so precious.
these are all from this tumblr that i just found this weekend and have been obsessing over.
she loves the office too.
more specifically, jim.
and i hear pam's pregnant again?!
we have so much to catch up on!

hope y'all have a good monday morning!


i can't decide if i want to blog tonight or not.
i've been creepin around the internet and listening to alexi murdoch, 
[who, by the way, has one of the most comforting, beautiful voices on the planet]
and i think it's time for a break.
this break will probably consist of watching last week's Glee and New Girl.
what a saturday night, i know.

but just know that i'm having a relaxing weekend.
i was a grown-up yesterday, with laundry and cleaning and homework [boring!], but then had some fun at an end of summer bonfire and hayride here at school. 
then more fun with my favorite friends later.
and today i slept in, skyped with b, read a bit, went shopping with lacey, and have been being a bum all night.
i love it.
as fun as crazy social weekends are, time to myself to do whatever comes up is perfectly alright too. 

from here
it'd be even more perfectly alright if i had a chair like this by a window like that 
to curl up in.
someday i will.

hope you lovelies are all enjoying your first weekend of october too.
 [eeeee october!]
[see here if you don't understand why october is important]
goodnight :)