another tiny space

in the mood to go curl up in there.
now i just need b home to be with me.

i'm in here

yes, this week has been rough.
to the point where i'm so drained, i don't even feel like myself.
but all it takes is an attitude change, so here goes:

from here
one) this is inspiring.

two) that e-mail from the France people last night kinda kicked my butt into gear.
it's really happening.
this adventure i've been dreaming of going on since middle school is coming true.
starting next week.
i'm so thankful it's all worked out.

three) it's been beautiful out lately.
sundresses, bike rides, laying out in my bathing suit, comfy shorts and kanjam: all made possible by this [hopefully permanent] heatwave.
not that i'll care what the weather's like here in a week (plus a day).

four) i finally was invited to join pinterest!
 such a magical little place it is. ha.
but really.
follow me and i'll follow you ;)

five) i found this with the caption
"sea otters hold hands when they sleep, so they don't drift away from each other".
i don't know if that's true, but if it is, i die.

don't worry, my days are getting better.
love really does win.

p.s.  i made that new banner on picnik, but i don't want it to look like that.
i want it shorter vertically, but longer horizantally.
can anyone please help me?

no way jose

i just got an e-mail from my france program telling me where i'm living over the summer, 
what the first weekend will look like once i get there, and 
how to beat jet lag.
also all about our first day trip.
 to st. tropez.
by boat.
this is gonna be such a hard life.

in a week and a day, i will be leaving for here:

and not coming back for 2 whole months.
maybe never.
that is yet to be determined.

-super excited wildchild

i wanna touch the earth, i wanna break it in my hands

goooood morning.
i love seeing people in love.
i also love old photographs.
put those together and what do you get?
not bippity boppity boo,
but rather, these:

from here

all from here

so pretty, aren't they?
i'm off to write a love letter.
also, possibly jury duty.
this could get exciting.


meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air, are heading home again

i have wonderful days and then wonderful nights
but then i want to text b to tell him a secret and i can't.
i want to stop by and throw rocks at his dorm window 
and tell him to take me to get ice cream and i can't.
i want him to surprise me at home with a movie and some lovin and cuddle up all night.
or go for a walk around my neighborhood holding his hand.
or go on a little date and have a whole conversation with our eyes about the people sitting next to us.
and have him kiss my head when i lean on his shoulder on the way home.
i wanna flirt with him dammit.
but i can't.

from here

i miss you, b.

the longer the waiting, the sweeter the kiss

josh turner knows how to sing a love song.
i don't care whether you like country music or not, these songs will make any girl swoon.
they're perfect.

even if the videos are absolute cheeseballs.
"oh the longer the waiting, the sweeter the kiss.
it's better my darling, i promise you this"

"in my dreams, your dreams are the only things that really matter to me.
when you smile, i smile,
what makes you happy makes me happy too.
in my dreams, your dreams come true"

"as long as we can say i do, i’m gonna marry you
and be the luckiest man on this earth.
well i can’t wait much longer, let’s find a church"

lucky for me, b knows how to play the guitar.
and he's a pretty cute singer too :)

later dudes.

she wants to feel that fire

for some reason, i don't have very many words today, so i'll let this speak for me:

“I was born to catch dragons in their dens and pick flowers
To tell tales and laugh away the morning
To drift and dream like a lazy stream
And walk barefoot across sunshine days”
~ James Kavanaugh

photo from here, poem from here

not when i have a lover like you

good morning worlddd.
this applies to:

1. Michael Buble
2. John Lennon
3. Frank Sinatra
4. Gene Kelly
choosing to play the avett brothers on my drive into work this morning
was a pivotal moment in making today a good day.
they are so. good.
how did i forget that? 

this week has been lovely so far.
went over to dad's house monday night to hang out with him and my step fam.
that was a whole bunch of fun.
then last night i went over to b's sister and brother-in-law's apartment and it turned into a party. a big ol food party. delicious. and fun. duh.
and tonight, my sister and i are going thrift shopping.
what's better than cheap new-to-me clothes?
if "not much" is your answer, you're correct.

“And I’m… LINK.”

I always scream right along with her…
i'd also take "the 2 seconds that zac effron does this in Hairspray"

because i'm behind in everything cool,
i just found tumblr and realized how awesome it is.
all of the pictures in this post, i found here and i'm in love with her... tumbles?
go look.

things with b are goodgoodgood.
he likes it over there.
and we get to talk a lot!
kip knows how it is:
 my favorite.
i still miss him though.
hey b, what do you think?need this.

okay byeeee.
have a wonderful rainy day!

i'll love you with all the madness in my soul

mondays are going to be the best days of the week for the next 5 months.
remember how b and i made goodbye gifts for each other?
well his was a love letter with a little suprise gift in it for every week that he's gone.
they have the dates on the front and i'm only allowed to open them on mondays.
so naturally, the second i was awake and conscious this morning, i tore that thing open.
it was perfect.
i'm so blessed to have someone that makes me feel loved even across an ocean.

in other news, here are my thoughts so far today:

i found this here and it's breathtaking.
i cannot wait to fly to france, simply for the views from the plane.
i always choose the window seat.

Did I cry at this part the first time I watched it?  Maybe…
from 500 Days of Summer, also found here, this part is so sweet.

i don't have a pretty picture for this one, but go look at Ruche's lookbook.
themed around old country love and reminiscent of The Notebook, it's stunning.

lastly, something to think about from mother theresa.
this is my hope.

"Spread love everywhere you go: first of all in your own house.
Give love to your children, to your wife or husband, to a next door neighbor…
Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.
Be the living expression of God’s kindness; kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness in your warm greeting."
have an enchanted rainy day!

p.s. the quote was found from here too.
it's the tumblr of a girl i know from school.
it's cute.
go visit :)

this ain't my thang.

i'm no movie critic.
i barely even watched movies until i met b,
and i still think all a movie needs to be good is if two people fall in love and i laugh.
not real hard to find those, is it?
but i'll pretend for a minute that my opinion holds some weight
and tell you to go spend the 10 dollars to see this movie now.
$7.50 if it's matinee time.
now that's a deal right there.

sunday, i went to go see Bridesmaids with my bff, max.

and we peed our pants.
seriously, this was such a funny movie.
these women are hilarious, the things that happen to them are out of control,
and kristen wiig's police officer boyfriend is a cutie.

go see it. now.
thank me later.


a celebration

goooood morning.
i'm going on a little mini road trip with my mom today
to go to my cousin's college graduation party.
my brother and sister ditched, so it's just us.
but we're stopping to go shopping.
so they're missing out.

my cousin went to forestry school, studied in new zealand, studied on a 2 or 3 month long sailing trip, then back to a different forestry school and is graduating from there today. 
oh and also, she's on a lumberjack team. i forget what it's called. but it's pretty kick ass.
she's pretty kick ass.
so in her honor, i'm leaving you with a photograph of a pretty forest 
filled with bluebell flowers.
to combine her love with mine.
i love you lauren.
i'm proud of you :)

from here, originally from here

have a lovely saturday

and it felt good on my lips

so glad blogger's working again.
i got very angry when i couldn't post.
and even angrier that my last one is gone.
but hopefully it will come back.

i may want to consider anger management.

in other news, the thought of going to france makes me want to shop.
i know, i know, they say when traveling abroad to lay out the money you think you need and the clothes you think you need,
then add double the money to your suitcase and half the clothes.
buttt i just can't.
this is what i'd buy and shove into a suitcase twice my size if i was allowed:
[p.s. it's actually all from Fred Flare because they have awesome, cheap things
for your bod and also for your house. but that's just my opinion.]

 this really pretty dress that reminds me of watercolor paintings. here

      knot ring. here. sunglasses. here. beautiful infinity scarf. here
 also this cute little birdy hair clip. here
boyfriend blazer. here.
gorgeous crocheted back maxi dress. here 
pretty little blue sundress. here
and lastly, this gorgeous fitted dress for going out. here
oh window shopping.
you break my heart everytime.

i don't see how you could ever be anything but mine

hi friends.
what a whirlwind of a life these past few days have been.
to make a long story short:

-b and i had date night in canada friday night.
we had some delicious za (otherwise known as pizza), played arcade games, played some other games, and walked around the city.
it was fun fun fun.

- saturday was spent packing, hanging out with b's fam, saying goodbye to some people, and motorcycle riding.
it was crazy. but, again, fun.

-sunday was momma's day, so my sister and i got up and made ma some delicious breakfast, then went to church. then back to b's house for me. again, we packed, spent time with his fam, said some goodbyes, ate (so.much.) delicious food, rode (and got stranded) on la moto, and loved up on each other.
such a fun last day/night together.

-monday was d-day. we had some last minute errands to run in the morning, and then zoomed right on over to the airport with b's parents. thankfully, we got gate passes, so we could hang out and grab some food with b before he boarded. it was such a sad goodbye. the rest of the day was me flipping off any driver who looked at me the wrong way, peppering almost every sentence with swear words, and glaring at small children.
also eating more chocolate than i knew possible.
as i've mentioned before, anger is my default emotion when i'm grieving.

-tuesday i woke up to a text from b saying he was finally on the actual flight to his deployment, we chatted for a few minutes and then i rolled over and went back to sleep. until way past noon. being sad makes me tired i think. i'm still not unpacked from moving back from school, so i did that for a bit, read, went for a walk with my sister, and went shopping with my mom.
like i said, my fam is my support system.

-today i'm back at work. making the fundz to fund my trip to france. oh, i forgot to say that i bought my plane ticket!!! june 3, i'm out of this country. heck yes. i've never been, can't wait to go, and am sure i won't want to come back. speaking of first times (not like that, you dirty mind), if anyone has any tips on where i should go, or what i should do, i'm up for it. i'll be in southern france, on the riviera, in Antibes. but i'm obvi gonna travel. so give 'em to me.

alright, that's all for today.
i gotta get back to work.
thank jesus for hour long lunch breaks.
but i will leave you with one of the last pictures of b and i.
taken in oh canada.
i miss this kid already.

i love you benny.


the night before life goes on.

well tomorrow's the day.
b's plane leaves at 2.
those of you who pray, pray for us?
the rest of you, happy thoughts.

you go to my head

welcome to the first day of summer break!!!
today i'm thankful for:

un) new good music i constantly find through Flowerchild Dwelling and Miss Moss
right now i'm listening to Flowerchild Dwelling's guest post of a wedding reception playlist.
it's just good music, okay?

deux) date night with my man tonight! 
he's up on base and i'm going up there for the evening to have some fun in oh canada.
i just love this kid and am cherishing all of the time we spend together until he goes away.

trois) a morning to just lounge around in bed and have nothing i need to get done.

quatre) we had a beautiful day of sunshine and slightly warmer weather yesterday. 
and it looks like it's all uphill from here!

cinq) my final loan came through so i can pay off my france bill today 
and buy my plane ticket
there's less than a month left! 
it's getting so reallllll!

six) a little sister that i can share clothes with.
seriously, she's 5 years younger than me, but God made us the same size for a reason.
what would we do without each other?

sept) people who read this thing.
and especially comment.
i blog as a way to put all of the pretty things in my life in one place,
but it's nice to know that other people like it as much as i do :)
thanks guys.

huit) fresh, clean, warm, summer air.
 this newfound warm-ish weather means i can finally drive with the windows down 
and open up all of the windows in my room.
it makes me feel more alive.

neuf) feeling skinny.
seriously, i've done nothing lately that should make me feel healthier, but for some reason, today is a skinny day.
thank god skinny day and date night align.

dix) friends who graduate tomorrow.
i'm not happy they're leaving, but i am super proud of them.
plus once they're gone, that makes me an official senior.
holy crap.

et onze) flowers.comme ca.{like this}

both from here

time to go shower and get moving on my day.
such a wonderful day it's going to be.

i wonder if it's possible to have a love affair that lasts forever

i had like half of a post typed out 
and then i realized the whole thing was far too whiny for my personal taste.
i try not to be a complainer.
nobody likes a complainer.
and really, i'm super optimistic and relaxed.
so i'll act like it.

i'm done with school!!!!!!!!!
junior year of college= easy peasy.
and next year will be even easier.
thank sweet baby Jesus that my major is both interesting and a breeze all at once.
i don't usually like to admit it, but i'm kind of a lazy person.
that combined with the facts that i have no patience and i get distracted super easy...
well, i'm not the model citizen i suppose.
butttt i'm done.

now it's just relaxin with my boo 
[yuck, did i really just call him that?]
until he ships off to serve our country.
countdown: 5 days.
but we have lots planned between now and then, so don't even worry.

then i start working full time at my school job.
then i leave for france!!!
4 weeks from today, i'll be packing last minute stuff in my suitcase, 
getting ready to hop on a jet plane the next day.
i'm ignoring the fact that this is a study abroad program, and pretending it's a 
lay on the beach, stroll around the country side, live like a french girl program.
let me dream, okay?

jeesh, so many words. let's transition to a super pretty picture.

from here

this is what i feel like tonight for some reason.
except not quite as pretty.
i have a pretty bad headache, so i'm sporting the glasses, crazy hair and sweats.

anyways, i have a movie date to get to.
luckily it's at my friend's apartment ten steps away.
later dudes.

just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight

i have so much going on in my little mind, i'm not sure where to start.
so #1) we'll go with this new song by lady antebellum.
it's perfect.
press play, then keep reading.
it'll make your experience ten times better.


 #2) b's leaving in about a week probably.
maybe a little less.
it's kind of a guessing game from here.
but so we've been having little get togethers with my fam to say goodbye.
i love these kids
i'm counting on them to keep me sane these next 5 months.

#3) i ordered earrings from two little doves shop on etsy and they came today!
such cute little roses.
maybe they'll be the replacement for the fake pearl earrings from claires
that i've been wearing for the past 4 years.
i love them.
and also, the owner of this shop is so sweet.
my earrings came fast and packaged prettily.
i'd buy from her again.

Like a Poem- 10mm Rose Earring Studs By Two Little Doves

#4) this from here.


the end.

sleepy baby

goodnight world