Hello friends.
I'm starting fresh with this blog I think. That's my goal anyways. To make it less about Blogging and more about Writing. Writing what I feel like writing, if I feel like writing it.

I'm Jackie. I like fresh starts and words and beginning again in the fall. I like working to become who I'm meant to be and I like accepting who I am now. I like listening to music that makes me feel something and then doing something with those feelings: crafting, writing, baking, loving, calling someone I care about.

I love and I fight and sometimes I do both at the same time. My husband, Ben, is the man for me, and my family back home in New York are both too far and right here in my heart at the same time. Ben and I just moved to Texas for me to start my career and while I love where I am, I can't help think of where I want to be. The life I'd love to have in 10 years is in a big southern home somewhere in the fields of Texas with Ben by my side, a handful of kids calling me mom, and an ice cream shop of my own down the road. 

For now, it's very happily just me and Ben in an apartment on a college campus in Dallas, growing up and growing in to each other as we go. We're in love and we're happy and that's just the way I like it.