baby, i don’t see how i could love you anymore than i do today, so why wait?

i have been such the little consumer lately.
which is not good for my france savings, but very good for my love for instant gratification.
and it gives me pretty things to show you!
pop some popcorn, put on your comfy womfies and find a good squishy place to lounge.
get ready for the show.

first off, the church on my campus had a big ass garage sale today.
we won the jackpot. seriously.
 i got these pretty bottles to use for flower vases 
(nudge nudge, b :) )
they were only 50 cents each.

b found me a polaroid camera!
i'm not into photography or anything, but who doesn't love these things?
works like a charm. all i have to do is get some film. which i hear is expensive.
oh well. totally worth it, considering it was only 3 bucks.

i also got a bike rack to put on my trunk to cart my little beauty around
and a little mother's day gifty gift.
b bought some skis a la 1982, with the neon stripes and big plastic boots and everything.
seriously, the jackpot.
now i know why my grandma wakes up at the crack of dawn every saturday during the summer to go to these things.

in other news, i also did a little online target shopping.
that was dangerous.
i got some makeup primer because i heard it was magic.
but i don't really understand it.
can anyone help me?
pretty please?

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Primer Skin Transformer, .85 fl oz

and i got new shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
first saw them on kendi and fell in love.
now they're mine all mine.
buy them here for $30 if you want to be cool too.

i think that's it for a bit.
someone take my debit card away from me.

i'm aware that this is the longest post in the world, but i have one more thing to say.
i dyed my hair back to the normal brown poopy color.
i enjoyed being a brown-red head, but did not enjoy the gross looking roots comin on in.

kay, that's all.
happy weekend!
happy end of classes!!!

gravity is working against me

reality is starting to set in. 

pray that it's raining on sunday

today has been a good day.

 here's a little story in pictures.

all from here


let's find someplace beautiful to get lost

i haven't been lacking for inspiration lately.
but i have been lacking for time.
i figure with my hottie leaving in 2 weeks, time with him is more important than this thing.
i think that will always be true for me.
people are more important than things.
so i've been busy.
hanging out with that kid, finishing up schoolwork, that kinda stuff.
but here's some pretty/cool/pretty cool stuff i've found lately:

w) Pinhole Press is a cool company i heard about through A Cup of Jo
you upload a picture, they print it, frame it, and send it to the gift recipient.
pretty rad for mother's day i'd say

x) these pretty flower crowns from here.
i want one


y) these crazyyyy tulips in holland
(where else?)
from here

anddd z) this perfectly simple little wedding from here.
australian countryside wedding

australian countryside wedding

australian countryside wedding

australian countryside wedding

australian countryside wedding

australian countryside wedding

that's all for now.

tonight i'm thankful for jesus dying to save me, the fact that then He rose again, weather that i can comfortably be outside without a coat on in, enough free chocolate to last me weeks, and an extra day off tomorrow.
my plans are sleeping in, a little homework, spending time with my brother, and maybe packing up my dorm a little bit to send stuff home.

goodnight friends.


 giveaway from keikolynn.
but don't enter cause i want it.


love so amazing, so divine

this is how much He loves me and you.

domo arigato mr. roboto

i have two emotions.
obviously more than two because i'm not a robot, but two prominent emotions.
joy and anger.
98% of the time i'm just a bundle of joy.
i'm optimistic and cheerful and blah blah blah.
but then i get angry.
it's my go to emotion for anything other than happy situations i guess.
i'd rather punch something than cry.
also, the swear words just come spewing out,
no holding back.

and all this week
(as if "all week" so far means more than just monday and tuesday...)
i have been in the grumpiest mood.
the bitchiest mood actually.
now, i know exactly why.
but this doesn't mean i can stop it.
and in some cases, i'm not sure i want to.
it can be fun.
my best friend from high school knows exactly what i mean
(oh hey max)

so in honor of my first blog recorded bitch day,
this little thing is funny.
(i found it here)

not true for me today, as my "how i feel" and "how i look" are both the hair up glasses mood.
but whatever.
actually usually both "how i feel" and "how i look" match up.
i'm an open book i guess.
this is a funny little picture.
laugh dammit.



i have not been eating the healthiest.
blame it on college, blame it on a busy life, blame it on loving to eat out, whatever.
fact of the matter is: because of this, my body is revolting.
i don't feel healthy.
i feel like an over processed blob.
so... one major reason i'm looking forward to summer is so i can eat endless supplies of these:

all except those cherries.

and some of this:

(which i consider neutral. don't crush my dreams.)

and admittedly, some delicious chocolate almond Abbotts frozen custard.
one thing my dad and i share is a weak spot for this stuff.
i used to have early dismissal my senior year of high school and his office was right down the road, with an Abbotts in between.
i'd stop and get us both a cone and then somehow drive to him as fast as i could,
 with two cones in my hand, trying not to melt the stuff all over me.
this stuff always reminds me of him.

i'll probably dream of all this stuff tonight.
france has all of this too, right?

nighty night 

i'm such a girl

oh nicholas sparks.
you get me everytime.

last summer while b was at bootcamp, i read as many of his books as i could get my hands on.
now i'm going through the movies.

"the last song" has awful acting.
miley's calling is not be an actress.
but boy, did it make me cry.
there's summer love, a heart breaking relationship with her father
and letting herself open up again.

"He stared at her, knowing with certainty that he was falling in love. He pulled her close and kissed her beneath a blanket of stars, wondering how on earth he'd been lucky enough to find her."

"Dear John" is not the best story to listen to if your boyfriend is in the military.
i know that for sure.
but i can't help but love it.
there's summer love, another heart-breaking father relationship, and more heartbreak.

"I'm going to marry you one day, you know." "Is that a promise?" "If you want it to be."

last, but not least out of the one's I've seen:
"The Notebook"
holy moly, what a love story.
just more summer love, forbidden this time, and another happy ending. 
or at least sweet ending.
(p.s. spoiler alert. don't scroll down if you haven't seen the movie)

"She was my dream. She made me who I am, and holding her in my arms was more natural to me than my own heartbeat. I think about her all the time. Even now, when I'm sitting here, I think about her. There could never have been another." 

i can't get any of these pictures to be formatted the same when i publish the post as when i'm writing it.
now to convince b to watch one of these with me.
love always wins.

come away with me

good morning world.
i'm spending this rainy day sleeping a little bit, crafting b's goodbye gift 
and working on a term paper.
it's a relaxed day to just stay in my comfie womfies and listen to some pretty music.
which we all need every once in a while.

we found out that b's getting deployed a week earlier than originally planned.
so in about 3 weeks.
that's all i have to say about that.

 this pretty art exhibit is adding some life to my world today.
is it weird that i want to hang things like this from my ceiling?

(i don't remember where this is from. missmoss maybe?)

and i want to go swimming here:

(also don't remember where from. sorry)

that's all for now.
have a beautiful day.

ain't no doubt that god's been good to me

what a stinkin good weekend.
friday: homework date, hung out with some friends
saturday: motorcycle, hung out with b's sister and bro-in-law, pizza, milkshakes, 
sunshine, hoodrat stuff with my friends
today: motorcycle, delicious longhorn steakhouse, coldstone, 
more motorcycle, sunshine, homework
and of course, lovin all weekend long.

i try taking pictures as much as i can, but usually i'm too caught up in fun to bother.
but here's one from yesterday.
ignore the weird colors.
i tried to edit it, failed, and forgot to press undo before i shut out.
so the dumb program saved it lookin weird.
also, i have a habit of cutting off b's forehead.
forgive me.

i just love this kid.
even when he doesn't cooperate and the picture turns out like this:

in other news,
anyone who wants to buy me this dress gets something awesome.

Rosemary Dress in Floral

but that's all.
time to go for a little bike ride on this little thing :)