awake my soul

i'm bad at this blog thing.
i don't have the commitment willpower to sit down and write every day, or every other, or even every week.
i realized when was contemplating quitting the musical that i have commitment issues.
not typical "woe is me, i can't keep a relationship" love commitment issues.
but time commitment issues.
the idea that i have to do something  at a certain time annoys the crap out of me.
how i know i have rehearsal at this time, these days, every single week is so frustrating!
who wants to be the person that says "nope, at these times, every single week for 3 months i'm busy."?
i want to be able to run away when i want to!
i want to have the ability to be spontaneous!
i don't want to be tied downnnnn!

anyways, enough complaining.

today i decided i would share with the world [or the 2 people i think read this] what blogs i read.
these are the ones that
 a) made me fall in love with the idea of blogging in the first place
 b) reduce my homework productivity dramatically because i check them obsessively to see if they've posted any new, witty, gorgeous words/pictures/clothes/ideas for me to be envious of.

some of these are lifestyle blogs, some fashion blogs, some wedding blogs, most combination blogs. 
and the last is to Glamour magazine's website, which has billions of awesome mini blog posts.
 but all are awesome blogs.
hope these 12 links don't take over your internet history as much as they have mine.
happy reading!

<3 wildchild

p.s. my hot boyfriend, b, got a motorcycle! 
soon enough, this will be us.

[from Kissssing]

except cooler.
so actually like this:

okay. bye for real <3