black and white and beauty all over

 i'm doing everything i can not to start my huge research paper for children's literature.
i'm a psychology major.
 i thought this would be an easy elective.
i was wrong.
so here is some procrastination at it's finest:

from here
a) i have the biggest crush on johnny depp.
the biggest.
and this picture?
their hair, their beauty (both combined and individually), the cigarette and teacup?
i'd die to be in this moment.
except not literally

from here, but really here
b) holy moly.
this is the ballerina project.
"each photograph is a collaborative work of dance, fashion design and photography played out against the city's landscape."
and it's stinking gorgeous.
it's the last one that really gets me.

i feel like i need a c), but i got nothing.
it's paper time.

but for the sake of pretty things, here are two pretty blogs.


i'd like to build a fort

i'm the opposite of claustrophobic.
give me a little cave, nook, or corner to sit in 
and i'm home.
when i was little, i used to take a bunch of pillows, a good book and a reading lamp
and shut myself in my closet.
i'd decorate it with pictures i colored and photographs of my family,
make a little sign for the front that'd say
"jackie's house, please knock"
and hide away for the day.
i wasn't really hiding from anything ,
(although the psych major in me does make me question my motives)
but i enjoy taking a tiny little space and making it cozy.
making it feel like mine.

maybe that's why i'm in love with these engagement pictures that
i found on Green Wedding Shoes.
taken by photographer Paige Newton, they're in a fort!
these two little lovebirds made a cute little fort in their attic
and are just laying around, being in love.
here are a few of my favorites:

i'm down for a night in.
just build a fort, play this song (even though b hates it),
 maybe rent a few movies, or bring a good book,
and spend the night being in love with my wonderful boyfriend.       

happy friday to everyone :)



i know i know.
i posted a very wordy post approximately 2 seconds ago.
what else could i possibly have to say?
but a) this thing is addicting
b) i love lists.
so much so that both my best friend and my boyfriend got me this book made up of lists to fill in for Christmas.
No Small Dreams does a current status post made up of a list every so often
and i'm tagging along
because if there's a list out there, i'm on it.

here goes:

Current guilty pleasure: sundresses. rochester's not in the mood, but every clothing   store out there is. as am i. i need them all.
have a beautiful gray spring day!

Current color: dusty rose. comme ca

Current playlist: Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. over and over again.

Current read: do my textbooks count? i have no time for fun reading right now, sadly.

Current drink: iced mochas. so good and i don't understand why!

Current food: i would be content living on pasta for the rest of my life.

Current favorite show: well, Glee's getting a little obnoxious, but i still can't help but eat it up

Current wish list: weather at least 25 degrees warmer. or just to move to texas tomorrow.

Current needs: some toothpaste and my toothbrush. i hate dirty teeth

Current triumphs: driving around with my gas tank on E for the last 3 days and still not running out of gas

Current bane of my existence: money for france is due in less than a month and i got nothing

Current celebrity crush: James Dean. just look at him.

Current indulgence: does biting my nails count? i've been doing it since i was like 3 and can't stop. i'm not sure i want to though.

Current blessing: i just made my schedule for my last year of college and it's seriously gonna be a breeze
Current outfit: lacy rose tank, light brown cardigan and black leggings from Target, brown boots from a flea market (i think), and a pink flower headband from Forever 21

Current excitement: having time tonight to get things done. i admit i'm a nerd

Current mood: headache-y, but happy  i cry laughing nearly every time i go on this site, but b is not amused. chose your reaction wisely.

Current link:

have a beautiful gray spring day!

home is wherever i'm with you

happy spring!
unfortunately, rochester is convinced spring means 35 degree weather
and 4 inches of snow predicted,
but it's the thought that counts,

this past weekend was one of the most fun weekends in a while.
friday, i had a wonderful lazy day that involved nail painting, glee watching, and magazine reading with one of my besties.
how much better can it get?
  that night, b and i met up with his family at this hibachi resturant
for his mom's birthday dinner.
it was the first time i'd ever been to one, and i was a little hesitant,
but it was so much fun.
and stinking delicious.

saturdays are made for sleeping in, so that's exactly what happened.
then b and i ran errands, which included more delicious food
and buying a motorcycle helmet for me!
more on that in a sec.
we had a little family thing at my dad's at night,
but it's odd to b that "little" means
the grandparents, my whole fam and our loves, 3 of dad's siblings and all of their kids.
i'm pretty sure 23 counts as little.
then we hung out with the usual crew later on.

sunday was our first motorcycle ride!!!!!
b's been riding around, being a hot motorcycle guy all on his own,
but finally he was ready for me to hop on too.
it was so stinking awesome.
i'm ready to ride that thing everywhere.
holding onto my man, zooming down the road with the wind in my hair
sounds perfect to me.

a while ago the slow life posted these pictures of the treehouse bunk bed
that she made for her daughter.
i would have killed for this when i was 7.
i'd even think about it now.
i have a serious thing for treehouses.

someone build me a treehouse bed.
or a real treehouse.


waking up to chirping birds outside my window makes me feel like a disney princess

spring is here!
it's 51 degrees today, the sun is shining, i'm wearing my little red spring coat, and b is out riding his motorcycle.
that must mean something.

i'm in a location right now where i'm probably not supposed to be blogging....
but i'm sneaking it in to introduce this giveaway.
from Little Miss Momma, a chance to win $25 to La Posh Style.
they have really pretty dresses.
and shoes.
and everything actually.
it really goes against my better judgement to post about this,
since i want it all for myself.
but... i get an extra chance to win by doing this.
so you're welcome.

stay with me

welcome to sunday!
one of the best days of the week, but still overshadowed by it's siblings: 
friday and saturday.
also, wednesday.
don't ask why, but i'm a wednesday kind of girl.

we'll start things out with a playlist:
country music may or may not dominate these jams.
sue me.
country love songs are obviously the best love songs.

welcome to my summer home.
i found out earlier this month that all of
june and july, i'll be studying abroad in antibbes, france.
the south of france, on the riviera.
how did this become my life?

Love Wall, Montmartre
i'll probably visit this wall of love in Montmarte,
graffiti'd with "i love you" in a zillion different languages.
p.s. this photograph is from here

wear this dress
(if i win the lottery before my trip, that is)

and write love letters to my deployed airman with this quote:

"your love makes my soul crawl out of its hiding place"

cause it's true.


holy moly macaroni

i checked into my blog today for no real reason.
well, secretly a few reasons, but whatever.
but i was creepin around and realized:
people read this!!!!
i must have just been dumb before and never saw the spot where i had to publish the comments myself,
but i finally saw it and fa-reaked out!
b will verify.
i freaked.

so...long story short.
that's the little boost i needed.
i like posting, i just didnt think anyone cared.
i know, i know, a lot of you said to do it without caring if anyone reads.
but i kind of like attention.
why would i share my thoughts if no one wants it to be shared?
(deep question, right?)
but i don't even need to worry about that.
people do care.
and i like to please my fans.
so i'll post more.
let's start with once a week.
i'll make this a habit.
i pinkyswear.

but that will start tomorrow.
after my big ol' Psychology of Gender test.

picture to make this post worth reading:

oh darling, let's be adventurers screenprinted poster - green

from Etsy seller, "Fifi du Vie", here 

ta ta for now