friday faves

my delicious morning latte. i'm addicted to these things.

happy Friday, everyone!
this weekend looks like beautiful weather, a baseball game with our friends, bar tending at Jess' wedding and a little bit of relaxing. Ben's going to base AGAIN, but he'll leave in the morning and be home Sunday night, so it shouldn't be too awful this time.

to keep you company over the long weekend, here are some of my favorite things from around the internet lately:

- I got followed/stalked by a fox on my run earlier this week, so they're kind of on my shit list, but this fox is super adorable. he's in the middle of a fight with a foxy friend and then realizes that he's on a trampoline and I just want to punch him he's so cute.

- these ankle boots are on my wishlist for my next spending binge. I want to get them for the beautiful month of September, but I've been shopping like crazy and Ben is ready to lock me in a room with no credit card, no internet, and no stores in sight.

- ditto for these boots

- I somehow just found the hilarity that is What Should We Call Me and I'm cracking up at this one. and also all of them.

- if you're looking for something crafty to do, here is a tutorial to turn a plain canvas bag into a pretty one.

- and last but not least, always a blog favorite, my friend Megan of Freckled Italian. she's funny, super smart, and gorgeous. and she has a bunch of Friday Favorites links today too!

that's all folks. have a fun & safe Labor Day!