these days

Here's a little update of what life has looked like these days:
The night before Thanksgiving, my sister Jessa slept over, so we watched the Macy's Parade in the morning, she was a doll and straightened my hair and then we had a photoshoot on the way to our aunt's. Ben cooperated, until he didn't. Isn't that the way it always goes?
The day after Thanksgiving, my mom and all of us kids made our way to Albany to spend time with her family. The cousins all have a tradition of going to the nearby park and taking pictures on the dinosaur, so along with some football and impromptu board games with rules we made ourselves, that's what we did.
Last week was the perfect relaxing week. I can be a homebody sometimes, but there's something so nice about being home every night, with nowhere to go and nothing to get dressed up for. Monday night, we started to decorate for Christmas, Tuesday I worked on my Summer Book [and tried to finish it since summer was done a few months ago...], Wednesday we addressed Christmas cards and watched the SNL Christmas special, and Thursday night was homework night. So nice and productive.
And, as always, I took a thousand pictures of Ben. He was dressed up a lot this week, once for a class presentation, once for a wedding we went to on Saturday, and once for church Sunday. He's so cute when he dresses up, especially when he steals my glasses and pretends to be a hipster. We got to spend a lot of time together this week and for that, I'm thankful. Oh, and also, there's a random France picture in this collage, because I still miss it.

and a little snapshot of us at that wedding this weekend. After getting married myself, I saw the day in a different way. It was odd. And I never go for the bouquet toss anyways, but for the first time, I wasn't eligible to. So odd.

So that's what my days have looked like lately. Though I still catch myself whining sometimes [mostly about having to work while Ben & my friends are having fun], I'm incredibly thankful. This is such a sweet time in life.

oh, and as some of you have noticed, I got a little blog design makeover! I won a giveaway and have been working with Jessica on turning this space into something I love, so please be patient as we work the little bugs out. Thanks!


Betsy said...

hey, pretty new design! also I love your smile :)

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Found your blog & now following!!


Aspiring Kennedy said...

You know, your glasses don't look half bad on Ben. But faces he's making in them...priceless!

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