I'm Keeping the Glitter

It's Monday, June 3 and we're here in Texas. Is it dramatic to say that the minute we passed this sign, I felt like I was at home? Yes, it is, but I'm saying it anyways.

The past two weeks have been crazy. We finished up packing and had fun in our tiny apartment stacked full of boxes. The movers came and took all of our things as we sat on the porch reading magazines like real lazy bums. We then spent the next six days staying with my mom and then Ben's parents, hopping around from event to event: a wedding I was in, last minute meals with friends and family, a sweet goodbye party with my whole family, and days and nights spent in the sun with my parents and siblings. 

Then last Tuesday, we hit the road. I have so many sweet pictures of all of our goodbyes and of our fun trip down here, but I don't want to share them yet. I heard an idea somewhere [I think APW] about events that hold a special place in your heart, like weddings, births, special parties, etc.: when they're over, they feel too sacred to share with the world yet. They were special and magical and filled with glitter and many times, we get scared to share them and shake them in fear of shaking the glitter right off. 

Like I said, our time with family before we left was so special. That was the last time that I was around, knowing that everyone I really loved was within a half hour drive. And everyone made us feel so loved when they sent us on our way, giving us hugs and love and gifts that we never expected. It was even more heartbreaking to leave than I ever thought it would be. And then our drive down here was so much fun. We made stops along the way, some at big attractions and some at tiny little nothing towns where there were motel rooms for $19.99 in a trailer out back [yes, I am also glad that we didn't get killed]. The time Ben and I spent in the truck and out of the truck exploring this new world we'd never seen was fun and so good for us.

And now we're in Houston, spending a few days at Ben's sister and brother-in-law's new house. We're helping them get ready for their new baby and we're taking a few days to regroup on homework and moving things and then just relax. We'll head up to Dallas when our apartment is ready on Wednesday and hope that the movers are there soon with our things and then we'll get settled into that new life. Maybe by then, I'll be ready to share more about the last two weeks, but for now, I'm enjoying this in between time and I'm keeping my glitter.


choose to be happy blog said...

jackie! i love that idea you shared! as soon as i read your words i thought back to a post i had written before austin left for spring training ---


totally makes sense :) hold on to that glitter until your ready to share! and once you do, you will have it documented to look back on to months from now. best thing about blogging i think :)


Erica said...

Yay, you made it!!!