away we go

After months and months of a gloomy Rochester winter, Ben and I are jetting away to Houston early tomorrow morning to visit his mom's side of the family. We're flying standby, so who the heck knows when we'll get there, but tomorrow morning at 4 am, we will be at the airport, ready to go.

We have plans to eat a lot of wonderful TexMex [queso!!!], obviously some Chick Fil A, and whatever other Texas goodies we can get our hands on. Ben's sister and her husband are moving into their first house this week, so I'm excited to see that and help them get settled if they still need it. Those two were INCREDIBLY helpful moving us into our apartment in August, so it's only fair that we return the favor. They're also expecting their first baby this July, so I'm excited to see Bethany's sweet little baby belly and talk all about that. Her husband, Lee, was a 12 pound baby when he was born though, so her belly probably isn't so little at this point.

Unlike Ben, I don't have spring break this week [or ever until graduation], so I'll be toting my dumb homework along. I have a final paper due next Sunday too. But whatever. There will still be plenty of time for being outside, going on walks without having to wear coats, and visiting as much family as possible.   

I am beyond excited to wear sundresses again. 

These are a couple pictures from last weekend, when New York teased us with 60 degrees and sunshine. I spent the weekend hanging out with my sister while Ben was on base, and when he came home, he brought some pretty flowers back for me. He's a good one, y'all.


Bon Bon said...

12lb. baby. Get out! Literally! Woof.

Eat so much TexMex for me! You have my permission:-) xoxo

Anne Hill said...

Sounds like fun!! Enjoy some warm weather for me!

Kendra Thornton said...

Hi there!

I have a quick question about "Sweet and Wild!" Please email me when you get a chance...thank you!