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We're back. Vacation came and went and now it's two crazy weeks later and I finally have the energy to update. Hello there, April.

Vacation was even better than I hoped for. I wore sundresses almost every day and didn't wear shoes literally every day. Ben and I helped out around the in-law's new house and then spent days laying in the sun, reading this sweet book [me] and nerdy magazines [him]. I got a few tan lines. We ate some dang good queso. We perfected our Kan Jam game. We napped!

bare feet | lazy mornings playing Donkey Kong | afternoon naps in the sunshine

 of course we tried on cowboy hats in Texas | we also played with [lighter] guns

THEN we flew standby again on our way home, which was an all day adventure. We got in at midnight, slept a bit, I worked all day the next day, and headed out for a job interview in South Carolina the next morning. I am just a jet-settin' fool.

The interview went well I think, but I don't want to jinx anything, so that's all I'm going to say about that. Flying by myself for a business thing felt so professional, [especially due to the grown up plane conversations with my neighbors and the whiskey gingers I imbibed]. The whole trip was a lot of fun, including my interview, and I am so thankful for the opportunities that God has given to me in this job search. Now, a few pictures from my trip because my phone is all I had to keep me company for that 36 hours:

the Charlotte airport has the sweetest rocking chairs by the windows, so I obviously used those | such a sweet view from my hotel room | traveling home, waiting in the smallest airport I've ever seen, a sad sad airport with no beer

And now I'm home! There's house cleaning to be done and school work to catch up on, but man, have these last few days home been so nice. Going away makes you grateful to be home, that's for sure.

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Mrs.B said...

What a fun vacation! Fingers crossed you get the job!