i'm ready

in the past 3 weeks of relative radio silence, i've been home.
home sweet home, where i wrestle with my brother and sister, bake cookies with my mom, have movie nights and movie days, work out with my sister [almost] every day, and am free to just relax.
i've spent fun nights at my dad's house, gone out to breakfast with dad and lunch with my grandma, gone shopping with mom and jess, spent so much lazy time with benny, met up with some longtime friends for dinner, and had almost a thousand family christmas parties.
this is the stuff i live for.
it's been so nice to be able to spend time with the people i love.
especially with nothing in the way: no homework, no work schedule, no responsibilities.
3 weeks of no responsibilities has been heaven.
so it's sad that this was my last christmas break, 
but we're not focusing on that right now.
no way jose, denial is the way to go.

but now, i'm gearing up to go back to school.
all my junk is packed and at the door, waiting to be loaded by yours truly into my tiny little car.
i'll move back this afternoon, run some errands, baby sit tonight and then...
New York City in the morning!!!
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my first [and only other] time there was two Christmases ago with benny, and boy, is that trip gonna be hard to beat, but i have a feeling this trip is going to be a lot of fun too.
this place is just magic.
it's our senior trip for college, as a little celebration of graduating in the spring.
in 5 months.
holy cow.
so my friends and i have big plans to live it up in the city that never sleeps.

so here's to a relaxing and love filled end to 2011 and an exciting beginning to 2012.
i have a feeling this is gonna be a big year, but i'm so ready.
so dang ready.
see you all in a few days.
-big city bound & 1 semester from graduating wildchild


HiLLjO said...

So awesome! Looks like you had a good break!
I want to go to NYC someday. We're doing a pre-conception trip this year... any ideas where we should go? It could be anywhere from Jamaica to India... just need ideas!

Emily said...

Happy 2012!! :D

chestnutmocha said...

happy new year!!!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

oh gosh, NYC is magical! i've never been, but it just has to be according to sleepless in seattle, gossip girl, and pretty much any movie you could possibly think of! ,)
xo TJ

M Jacks said...

You're the cutest. Stop it already.