around here lately

There has been:

- lots of homework. Ben is doing a condensed winter session class that's only 2 weeks long, so he's had hours of homework every night and I've had work for my grad classes and my internship that I just started. Keeping it all straight is a job in itself.

- tons of creating. Along with that lyric project I did last week, I'm making a few strings of heart garland to hang around the apartment, and I've been journaling a lot lately too. I just keep getting the itch to make stuff with my hands, which I love, but my to-do list doesn't.

- hours and hours of work. I've picked up hours at my secretary job because my co-worker's mom is sick and she's been out. Plus Ben started an internship at my company as well, so we get to ride together every day and eat lunch together too. It's been sweet. But also very busy.

- a trip to Niagara Falls. It was Ben's Air Force drill weekend and I didn't have to work, so we packed up and headed out Friday night for a weekend of free time [me] and work [him] and drinking beer with his AF friends [both of us]. It was fun, but Ben always comes back tired from working at 7 am each day, so that's no bueno.

- a little friend date last night in which my girl Chelsea came over to watch the Golden Globes, trash talk some of the women's dresses and fangirl over Tina & Amy hosting. And eat brownies.

That's it really. Life is pretty standard right now, with all of this schoolwork and regular work, but I like it. As I mentioned, yesterday was the six month mark of being married and we still like it. I think I'll keep him for a while. He still always does the dishes for us and we have so much fun together. Husband best friends are the best kind of best friends.


Megan Wait said...

You have been busy, busy! But at least it looks like you have been busy with things that makes you happy!

Bon Bon said...

Happy happy half-year! And here's to many many many more half-years:-) xoxo