want, need, wear, read

want: I ordered this Q&A a Day 5 Year Journal on New Year's Day and I'm antsy for it to get here so I can get started!

need: for my dang hair to grow grow grow so it's long enough to put in a pretty bun like this.

wear: My uniform lately has been my VS yoga leggings, a chambray shirt, and fuzzy socks. It's put together enough for work, but comfy enough for homework and crafting.

read: I don't have any time to read lately, with how crazy work and school have been, but when I get a spare second, The Fault in Our Stars is next on my list [thanks to Fran & Amy for the suggestion!]

post idea from Allie via James


Alyssa said...

my mom got me that q&a book for my birthday!!! i started it on jan 1st.. it's fun :)

Sinead Tygerlilly said...

The Fault in our Stars is a really good book!

Sophie said...

The Fault in our Stars is amaziiing. I hope you love it. It is really sad though, but if you've read or ehard anything about it, you probably already knew it was going to be.

Anonymous said...

The thing that I definitely miss the most about having long hair is putting it in a big ol messy bun. I'm lucky now if I get it into a ponytail. Annnnd you MUST read the book! Soooo goooood. And it's a fairly quick read too!

M. Flynn said...

Use a baby sock for your hair!

Tiffany said...

The Fault in Our Stars is unreal...SO good. I'm a super slow reader with an horribly short attention span and I read the book in one day. I could not put it down!