currently: late Tuesday night

A little leftover picture from after the Color Run on Saturday. I love this kid.
Thinking about: all there is to be done before our move. The movers come two weeks from tomorrow, which is beyond crazy, and our house is still very much unpacked. Thankfully, my mom found us a ton of boxes and I plan to get going on Friday, but still. I've never really packed for a move before, so this is going to be interesting.

Feeling: a little unproductive. This time off before we go is supposed to be my get-stuff-done time, but I'm not doing so hot. I have little spurts of productivity and then I just hit a wall and get distracted by wanting to be outside, getting lost in the internet, or wanting to take a nap. I'm not the best at this working from home thing.

Watching: a little tv at night. I hate that I'm getting into a reality singing show, but Ben's mom got us hooked on The Voice. That's the only show we watch when it's on and then when we have a little down time to watch tv, we go online and catch up on How I Met Your Mother, The Mindy Project, The Office, and SNL. The usual.

Reading: only grad school things. Besides the monthly Glamour & Cosmo delivered to my door, I'm still in the bubble of grad readings. That won't really change for a while, I don't think.

Looking forward to: all of our family time before we go. This weekend, one of my step-sisters is graduating from college, so I'll see everyone at her graduation party, and then we're going to dinner with Ben's parents to celebrate his graduation. Next weekend, I'll probably be with my mom & sister again, as Ben has to go to base, and the weekend after that will be seeing everyone at our going away party. And then we're gone. I'm trying really hard to focus on all of the quality time that we'll get before that.

Making me happy: my marriage with Ben. We're tackling this big move as a team and kicking ass at it. I handle the parts I'm good at, he handles the ones he's good at, and we make a really good team. He's incredibly busy right now with finishing up schoolwork before graduation next weekend, but he still makes time for me and is a really wonderful husband. I'm proud of his determination with all of this schooling, and I just really think brains are sexy. I'm in love with my husband, folks.


Betsy Transatlantically said...

okay, so this is my packing advice, and it's easier said than done:

the more organized you are when you pack, the easier it will be to unpack. seriously. get down in the WEEDS. instead of having four boxes labeled "kitchen" have one labeled "plates and cutlery" and another labeled "glasses" and so on. you might end up with more boxes than if you packed based on what (size and weight) fills a box, and you'll definitely use more bubble wrap, but it makes it SO MUCH EASIER on the other end. the last time I moved, my mom was like, "oh, wrap the plates in your towels so you don't have to use bubble wrap and everything you need is in a box!" do you know how long the towels stayed in the kitchen after I put away those dishes? FOREVER.

learn from my mistake.

Erica said...

ah you guys are just the cutest! i've always wanted to do a color run, how far is it?

Regine Karpel said...

Good Luck!