this weekend

... was a little crazy.

In an effort to smush in as much quality time as we can before the move, our weekends this month are packed. This one was the beginning:

Friday, we went to my mom's and had dinner with her & my sister and did a whole bunch of laundry. Mom & I went on a walk and it's always so nice to reconnect with her and to have a few hours to spend with Jessa.

Saturday, we did the Color Run! Ben and I along with my sister and our friend, Chris, signed up a few months ago and I kind of forgot about it until this week. Thankfully they were all cool with running at my slow poke pace and it was a ton of fun. We got covered in color, as it should be, and then opened our packets and doused each other in even more of that stuff. My shower afterwards was a good 40 minutes and I didn't even get it all off.
After we showered and impressed ourselves with a speed clean of the apartmet, my college roommate and her boyfriend came in from Cleveland. We spent the night telling stories from the good ol' days and wondering how in the world it's been a whole year since we graduated. [A year!].  We walked into town and ate some good barbeque and then headed downtown to hang out with the boys. It's nights like that, where we drink on the front porch, go to a bar with twinkle lights and picnic tables in the back, and end up back at the boys' playing darts, that make me want to never move past this stage of our lives.

Lacey & Jeff had to leave Sunday morning, so we said goodbye and promptly landed on the couch with coffee in our hands and last night's SNL on tv. Then it was time for our cook out! A few weeks ago, I invited all of our friends to come to the park right by our house for some football and cheeseburgers, and it turned out to be the perfect day for it. We came, ate, drank & played.  We forgot to get a group picture while everyone was still around, but we have these and these will do.

Oh and one friend does stand up comedy on Sunday nights, so a few of us went out afterwards. Really, I just brought that up because here's a picture of Ben with his motorcycle. Hot.


Betsy Transatlantically said...

you baby! my five year reunion is this year :P

glad you had fun at the color run!

Jenna | je na sais quoi said...

happy I found your blog, I've always seen the Wild Child Jack instagram on some of my favorite bloggers feeds - Megan and Melissa and such, but I never made the connection until yesterday. So HI. I watched your wedding video and now I'm just getting familiarized. Casual stalking... Jenna

Anonymous said...

This weekend looks like it was awesome- especially the Color Run! Sarah recently found a festival (that we've added to our bucket list) that is really color intensive like that. I think everyone just opens their color packets and throws them in the air, coloring strangers and making things instantly way more awesome. It looks like you had fun! Keep it up, guys!


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