Thursday favorite

Yesterday was one of my favorite days this week. There's something about getting an early start to the day and being productive before the hour that you normally even finish eating breakfast. The day was spent in a meeting and then running errands: buying things and returning things and feeling so productive in my flowy dress. The sun was shining, I got compliments on my dress in literally every store, and it was one of those days where you just feel GOOD, you know?

To keep the good day going, I stopped and bought flowers on my way home. I buy flowers for myself a lot because they're so stinkin pretty and Ben doesn't really think to get them for me. That's more than okay because he washes all of our dishes and takes care of our bills and squeezes me tight and that is how he shows me he loves me. So the flower buying is up to me. Usually, a $6 grocery store bouquet of tulips is good. They're cheap and pretty and they get the job done. Yesterday, though, I wanted to get something extra pretty. I stopped at a florist, told her what I could spend and what I liked and that up there is what she came up with. They're the perfect flowers for our springtime coffee table and there's something so nice about treating yourself to pretty things. Especially when it's a random sunny Thursday and your only motivation is because you want to.

[Oh, and Ben was sweet enough to take pictures of me with my flowers. Some days I'm just not photogenic, so you don't get to see most of them, but this one is a gem. He had just said sweet things to me and that's the look of love, kids].


Alyssa said...

YOU LOOK SO PRETTY!!! and those flowers are gorrrrgeous... I think I need to stop and get some flowers soon :) they make everything more cheerful

Betsy Transatlantically said...

LOOK how pretty! your hair is always so romantic. (is that a weird thing to say? haha!)