caught up in a [northern] summer, barefoot blue jean night

wellll i promised an update, but i'm off to my aunt and uncle's cottage for a night and day filled with bonfires, lazy mornings, tubing on the lake and lots of family time.
it's probably going to look like this:
i think it's from here

so here's an update on speed:

the past few days have been very productive and for that, i'm thankful.
a busy mind is a happy one, in my case.
if i'm just sitting around all day, i start wallowing and throw myself a little pity party.
"i feel chubby, my boyfriend's been gone for 3 months and doesn't come home for another 2, i haven't worked since may and my bank account shows it, blah blah blah, woe is me"
butttt then i got off my butt and kicked myself into motion and here's what i've accomplished:

-worked 2 days
[not a lot, but it's something]

- mowed the whole freaking lawn with the push mower. 
[i wasn't aware that the riding mower worked]

-come up with, and stuck to, an awesome work out routine
[2 months, people!]

-moved most of my junk back to school

-helped [read: watched] my little sister redo and rearrange our room

-got a zillion papers organized, filled out, signed, and turned in for schooly school, because
[this completely depends on how many credits i get for this summer in France, but there's a big chance i could be graduating early. i have mixed feelings on this, but mostly excitement because that means i save a whole bunch of money and can start saving up for everything that's coming next! woah real life.]

oh and my other exciting announcement was that b might be coming home early.
but then yesterday he said that was just a rumor, and that if anything, they're coming home late.
so uhhh, nevermind.
dumb military, crushing my dreams.
life goes on.
i have to run.
have a wonderful friday everyone!


AJD ∞ said...

the military loves crushing dreams. it's like their hobby. but i can understand your pain. i'm here for you!

ps: i have nominated you for a blogging award. because i like your blog. and you're a cool lady and people need to know.

meg fee said...

i think you've accomplished a whole heck of a lot. feel good and proud of that!