if only i had the skillz

i'm not going to complain about being bored.
i'm actually not bored.
after the 2 months of running around france that came directly after a few weeks of working full time, and before that, 9 months of school, it's nice to have some down time.
my bank account and i would both be thankful if i was working, but i'm just going to enjoy this [unplanned] time off.

part of that is catching up on the blog world, wasting time on Pinterest, and fantasizing about how i'd do my hair if i had unlimited bobby pins and all the skillz in the world.
it'd look something like this:

Braids for your wedding hair or wedding decor | Green Wedding Shoes Wedding BloBraids for your wedding hair or wedding decor | Green Wedding Shoes Wedding Blo
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Google Image Result for http://www.weddingarchive.ca/fashion-beauty/bridal-hair
all from Pinterest

that olsen girl's is my favorite.
[don't tell me you can remember which one's which]
and also, that last one.
anyone who wants to be my personal hair stylist, step right up.
I’m begging you.


AJD ∞ said...

That's Ashley. Hah! My skillz are so awesome.

Katie said...

Beautiful hair pictures! It would be such a dream to have a personal hair stylist, wouldn't it? I would love a clothes stylist, chef, personal trainer and maid while I'm at it too! xo

elsie said...

Pretty photos! So lovely. Thank you for the sweet comment!
xo, Elsie

Alana said...

That's why I love pinterest. It inspires me to stop being lazy and start being creative. Love these styles!

Ashlee said...

Gah! I need a daily hair stylist too. Maybe we can share one and split costs?

Lisa said...

So pretty! I'm so lazy with my hair sometimes, especially in the summer...I'm sorry, but I don't want to touch a hair dryer in Texas heat haha! I may just have to put in the effort to do something special with my hair tomorrow though :) Thanks for the inspiration! Hope you're having a great weekend!

MEGGY said...

i love these free style hair dos. i like how they're simple, a little messy, yet beautiful.

S and O said...

I just love these messy do's...that bun in the last picture is so pretty!

Juli Photo Diary said...

lovely post!