ma famille

i love these people.
just throwing it out there.

clockwise from top left: (1) Mom, (2) big brother Jake, (3) little sister Jess, (4) Dad
me & Jake, and then him & his beautiful girlfriend, Jenn
me & Dad, him & his girls, then a  group shot courtesy of the friendly, neighborhood Pizza Hut waitress
me & my best frannn
clockwise from top left: (1) mom and her sister Leta, (2) lookin hot cleaning to get ready for the mini-fam visit, (3) our beautiful cousin Val,  (4) buds in the truck bed

so thankful for every little second with them.
go kiss your family for me, would ya?


Lauren said...

miss you all!

Alana said...

I wish I could, but I'm too far away! But that makes me appreciate every second that I get with them. :)

Cute photos!

AJD ∞ said...