just let me dream

for all my laying around the past few weeks i've been home,
i've all of a sudden realized that there are a thousand things i have to do 
before school starts up again.
in a week.
so while today has been a beautiful day of bike riding, a long Skype chat with b, and catching up with my best friend who just got home from her summer internship, the rest of the week is not going to be so relaxed.

my plan is to live vicariously through these beautiful engagement pictures featured on Once Wed last May, by Nancy Neil.
[so many links right there!]
i don't have anymore carefree summer days left this year, nor do i have the love of my life around to walk around a pretty little forest with to take pictures, but just let me pretend, alright?

Summer Engagement Portraits
Running Thru Sprinklers
Summer Engagement Portrait Ideas
Wrapped Up
click on the "these" link above to see the rest of these stunning photos.
even better, if you go to Once Wed today, you can see this couple's wedding photos.
you'll be glad you did.

time to get crackin on my to-do list.
hope you all have a wonderful end of summer night.


Tara said...

Those couples look so perfect!
I want to get married just to have pretty pictures like these!

emily said...

what lovely photos. good luck getting everything done before school starts!

alicia said...

beautiful post!

alex said...

Aw these are beautiful! So dreamy!

Amber said...

I feel like I have loads to do before school starts for me next week, too... Goodbye to another summer (wahhh!)

These pictures are so beautiful!

Bridget said...

psh, such gorgeous people such gorgeous photos.

and i love you pointing out the irony of cutting myself on a bowl of life. too funny.