A Day in the Life

This post title is a little misleading, because I can't actually tell you what goes on in a typical day of my life. That sounds really sketchy, like I'm a secret agent or something, but really, I just have a lot going on.

Ben and I are both doing the school thing, we started a tiny social media consulting business on the side, and we're fitting in fun when we can. Last week, we took a night and some Christmas gift cards to grab drinks after work and catch up with an old friend. Friday night, we celebrated my almost sister-in-law's birthday with Chili's and sibling bowling, where my little sister and I got asked if we were twins AGAIN. Saturday & Sunday were family time, homework, and crafting, and today, I worked on Etsy orders all morning and am applying to jobs this afternoon.

Things are crazy right now, but we're handling it. Amidst the papers and to-do lists, we're sneaking in kisses and a few minutes of dreaming about the future. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it here before, but all of the jobs I'm applying to are out of state. Our families are here in New York, but we want to try somewhere new. Somewhere warm and different! So, I'm going for California, Hawaii or any southern state. We've agreed that if I don't land a job, our consolation prize will be moving to Austin, TX. Either way, we're trying to make the most of our last winter in New York and cherish the time that we have with our families now.

I think we're making the most of it.
apologies for those two blurry pictures- who knew that bowling alleys don't have good lighting?


Anonymous said...

FL is southern and warm and awesome! ;) (northern florida though, the panhandle. close to the alabama line. just sayin' ;))

Summer said...

Oh I just love the colors of your blog :) These post are really fun. Loved reading yours!


Stephanie said...

Looks like you're definitely making the most of it. :) Obviously I'm rooting for a California move but Austin TX is pretty awesome, too.

Speaking of, I came across this article today and it made me miss my home state. If Austin is a real possibility, you might like this. Lots of Austin awesomeness: http://www.buzzfeed.com/summeranne/50-sure-signs-that-texas-is-actually-utopia

Betsy Transatlantically said...

oh wow, I didn't realize that the plan was to definitely move! that's super exciting - good luck :)

Kelly said...

And here I thought bowling alleys had great lighting! ;)

I'm excited for you - all the possibility!