Home Again

We're back home safely. We have been since late Monday morning, but as with all traveling, getting back into the swing of things has been harder than getting ready to leave. That's especially true when there wasn't time to wash the sink full of dishes before the trip, so you're now faced with the decision: wash them like a nice wife so your husband doesn't have to deal with the smelly sink even though it's in his vows OR lay on the couch and watch The Bachelor in between unpacking? Obviously I did the latter.

It was a really good trip. Driving 17 hours there was actually a lot of fun, I feel like I kicked ass in all of my interviews, Ben and I had time to do some fun things, and then we drove 17 hours back home which wasn't bad either. It was a whirlwind since we were actually only in Memphis for 2 1/2 days, but it was meant to be a business trip and we made it even better. I'm definitely glad that Ben came with me and I'm so thankful that the work side of things went well. Meeting people in my field was so much fun and it really made me feel like this is where I belong; this is what I'm supposed to be doing right now. Nothing was decided, as these were all preliminary interviews, but I'm feeling good about the whole thing.

I brought my mini-Instax camera with me to take pictures the whole time because I'm sick and tired of being attached to my phone. That being said, I did take a few just so I could have electronic pictures to share, so here they are:  

I had a few breaks in between interviews, so we spent that time relaxing on the fluffy hotel bed and eating sour gummy worms. It balanced out my crazy busy days [I'm looking at you, 8 interviews on Friday & 5 on Saturday]. Also, I was scared for our road trip, if we're being honest. 17 hours stuck in a car together is intense, even when you really really like the person you're riding with. Turns out, I had nadda to worry about. Making videos and being weird together and eating junk food really helps the time go by faster.

Like I said, there were a lot of interviews. But I researched all of the positions, had a cheat sheet for each school, and rocked them like nobody's business. So thankful for that. After all was said and done on Friday night, I remembered a BBQ recommendation from one of my interviews, so we drove right down the road to a little hometown place, got the secret thing on the menu and inhaled it all. Those homemade nachos were so damn good.

Final evaluation of the road trip to Memphis: success. 
Now for the fun part of catching up on homework and waiting to hear about the jobs.
The part that's pretty damn hard if you have no motivation and no patience.


Kiersten said...

I'm happy to hear the weekend went so well for you, and good luck on hearing back from all those interviews (sheesh! 13 in a weekend???)
<3 Kiersten

Amy - Book Monster said...

I'm so glad it went well. Aaron's been talking about moving to Tennessee post-military, so this was kind of ironic to read!

Sophie said...

Awweh thats cute! ALSO....SOUR GUMMY WORMS.

Fran said...

I cook and Bryan does dishes. He does them because he knows he does a better job than I would ;) So, I guess that works out for both of us.

What a relief that the road trip was fun! I fear that for us sometimes -- we're exclusively airport people (duh) so I don't think we've ever done a car ride longer than a couple hours. Way to go, Fun Quigleys!

Can't wait to hear how it went with the interviews. I bet you were great.

Bon Bon said...

Get it girl! AND now I know what i'm making for dinner tonight. BBQ! I'm sitting here, eating breakfast and drooling over that photo. I have problems! xoxo