Snow Day!

snow heart swings 
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Just like every other north eastern state, we're getting buried in snow right now. I got sent home from work early and made sure to stop at Tops to get water bottles, beer, and a bag of Bugles. The snow day essentials, right?

This weekend is Ben's Air Force drill weekend, so we have plans to head up to Niagara Falls tonight [where his base is] and spend the weekend there. There's a big going away party for a bunch of guys in his shop because they're getting deployed in just two weeks and that's a party I don't want to miss.

Butttt if it's declared that we're in a State of Emergency and drill is cancelled, I won't be too disappointed to snuggle up all weekend, drink tons of hot chocolate in our already freezing cold apartment, and watch all the Netflix we can handle.   

What are your weekend plans? Anything good? Everyone stay safe out there!


Anonymous said...

i've never really been around/in snow, and it honestly doesn't seem too pleasant, but being cooped up inside and cuddling all day doesn't seem so bad ;) you guys stay safe!

Benlovesting said...

So lovely!x