i am Yours and Yours forever

it's been a crazy week.
next week, i have so much big school stuff due and big tests to take,
so i've been trying to be a good student and work ahead.
(like the nerd i secretly am)
but being in the library every waking hour that i'm not in class, working, or eating
gets exhausting.
it drains a lot out of me.

and i thought i was 
an extrovertsomeone who gets energized by being around lots of people,
but actually i'm not.
i need some time to relax and get my thoughts back in order.
to read my magazines, or lord help me, have enough time for a real book,
 watch dumb videos on youtube,
and spend real quality time with people i love.
not just "hey let's sit by each other in the library" time,
or "let's talk for 5 minutes on the phone and call it catching up".

so tomorrow will be a day of visiting my grandma and cuddling with b.
sorry if that's not in your plans b, but now it is :)

and here's a pretty picture to break up all this writing.
i don't remember where it's from, but it seems like true love.

second for the night: another list!
cassie at the veda house made a list of things she and her boy are going to do this spring.
to remind her to stop and smell the roses, even in this crazy life.
since spring to me means all of the time up until b gets deployed,
i've already been making a list in my head.
here goes:

1. go for a picnic at the Lilac Festival. and everywhere else.
2. go on long bike rides 
3. ride b's motorcycle everywhere :)
4. soak up the warmth that builds up in my car 
when it's still kind of chilly outside, but the sun is shining in my windows
5. then roll the windows down and find a good soundtrack to my day
6. make an awesome going away gift
7. stop wearing my god forsaken boots
8. don't take time to do my hair, just let it be crazy and embrace it
9. go to the beach and eat some Abbotts, even if it doesn't get above 50 before may
10. less work. more being free.

goodnight world


The Veda House said...

Your list is great. All amazing things to stop and smell the roses! Thanks for taking part in the list making adventure!

Ruby Girl said...

hey darlin. found you through "the daybook". cute blog. enjoy that personal chill time. sometimes so necessary! <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

Bridget said...

looove the warmth that builds up in my car!! yes!