i have not been eating the healthiest.
blame it on college, blame it on a busy life, blame it on loving to eat out, whatever.
fact of the matter is: because of this, my body is revolting.
i don't feel healthy.
i feel like an over processed blob.
so... one major reason i'm looking forward to summer is so i can eat endless supplies of these:

all except those cherries.

and some of this:

(which i consider neutral. don't crush my dreams.)

and admittedly, some delicious chocolate almond Abbotts frozen custard.
one thing my dad and i share is a weak spot for this stuff.
i used to have early dismissal my senior year of high school and his office was right down the road, with an Abbotts in between.
i'd stop and get us both a cone and then somehow drive to him as fast as i could,
 with two cones in my hand, trying not to melt the stuff all over me.
this stuff always reminds me of him.

i'll probably dream of all this stuff tonight.
france has all of this too, right?

nighty night 


Maggy said...

those berries don't look real...even the grapes look like little watermelons!

wildchild said...

haha i didnt even notice about the grapes! either way, i want berries. lots of fresh, juicy, real berries :)

Sarah said...

I'm grateful for the warmer weather as i'm more likely to eat more yummy fruits like these and less cake!! xx

Rene Braun said...

Looks really tasty!