domo arigato mr. roboto

i have two emotions.
obviously more than two because i'm not a robot, but two prominent emotions.
joy and anger.
98% of the time i'm just a bundle of joy.
i'm optimistic and cheerful and blah blah blah.
but then i get angry.
it's my go to emotion for anything other than happy situations i guess.
i'd rather punch something than cry.
also, the swear words just come spewing out,
no holding back.

and all this week
(as if "all week" so far means more than just monday and tuesday...)
i have been in the grumpiest mood.
the bitchiest mood actually.
now, i know exactly why.
but this doesn't mean i can stop it.
and in some cases, i'm not sure i want to.
it can be fun.
my best friend from high school knows exactly what i mean
(oh hey max)

so in honor of my first blog recorded bitch day,
this little thing is funny.
(i found it here)

not true for me today, as my "how i feel" and "how i look" are both the hair up glasses mood.
but whatever.
actually usually both "how i feel" and "how i look" match up.
i'm an open book i guess.
this is a funny little picture.
laugh dammit.



Piril Maria said...


♥ Love,

tahni said...

hahahahahahahaha!! omg, i think that comic is true of me. maybe not so much anymore, but in high school i used to get that all the time. and i was like "i feel great, i swear!" i never understood why people felt intimidated.

Andrea said...

HAha love that picture. I am so the same. People always ask what's wrong. ugh.


Candace Stevenson said...

cheep up, buttercup! :) cuteblog funnycomic you'resocoollll

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