ain't no doubt that god's been good to me

what a stinkin good weekend.
friday: homework date, hung out with some friends
saturday: motorcycle, hung out with b's sister and bro-in-law, pizza, milkshakes, 
sunshine, hoodrat stuff with my friends
today: motorcycle, delicious longhorn steakhouse, coldstone, 
more motorcycle, sunshine, homework
and of course, lovin all weekend long.

i try taking pictures as much as i can, but usually i'm too caught up in fun to bother.
but here's one from yesterday.
ignore the weird colors.
i tried to edit it, failed, and forgot to press undo before i shut out.
so the dumb program saved it lookin weird.
also, i have a habit of cutting off b's forehead.
forgive me.

i just love this kid.
even when he doesn't cooperate and the picture turns out like this:

in other news,
anyone who wants to buy me this dress gets something awesome.

Rosemary Dress in Floral

but that's all.
time to go for a little bike ride on this little thing :)



Ruby Girl said...

cuuuute! looks like a fun wknd. and i LOVE that floral dress in there :) <3

Ruby Girl said...

i hear ya about the non-cooperation for the picture tude :) somehow it's endearing. <3