tonight is, in fact, friday night.
i had plans to be social and then i fell asleep watching a movie at 6:30, so those went out the window obviously.
just a little 4 hour nap, no biggie.
and now i'm in the mood to join in the fun and share about my awkward and awesome week, [inspired by this hilarious lady], even though it's obviously not thursday anymore...
[insert random segway photo of my family at my mom's celebration dinner the other night. smart lady graduating with another Master's degree :)]

- walking home from class the other day and deciding to skip the sidewalk to just cut across the grass. i forgot to step up onto the grass, tripped and fell face first into the wet grass. and by face first i mean i had mud on the side of my face... and my arm and my leg and my whole left side. and i was alone so there wasn't even anyone cool nearby to laugh it off with. just a bunch of mean girls who cracked up and kept walking. 
- windy day. poofy skirt. arms full. i bet you can guess where this one's going.  i walked out of the building and my skirt flew up over my face, exposing my awesome undies and even awesomer bathing suit tan lines to everyone walking by. it was only like 5 people, but that's 5 more people than i was planning on showing my butt to that day.
-running with the hood up on my XL sweatshirt the other night and having my friend tell me i look like Eminem. i actually wasn't planning on hiding a gun under this thing, but now that you mention it...
-having a animated rat named Sniffy on my computer that i have to do experiments with for a psych class. he just sits on my screen and sniffs around. umm, what?
-wearing a classy [thrifted] Pretty Lady-esque dress to said celebration dinner last night and having my brother's girlfriend say "you look like a woman!". oh, as compared to all the other times when i usually look like a man?
-aforementioned extended nap and sleeping right through everyone's text messages asking where i am. my crazy busy weeks have turned me into a grandma.

-mom graduating from grad school! you go girl. and also, the resulting celebratory dinner at which i was reminded how much i love my family.
-getting to skype with benny two whole times this week. la la la, i love him :)
-i've discovered that if i put raspberries and grapes in the same containers, shake them on up, and leave them for a few hours, i'll come back to grapes that taste like raspberries. graspberries?
-my roommate and i love The Office, but somehow i've gone from season 4 to present-day episodes, so we're having a marathon to catch up before the season starts again. too much michael scott? never.
-running [almost] every night with my good friend, chelsea. b comes home in a month and chel and i both have some important things coming up this summer... we gotta get our skinny on!
-b secretly buying me some gifts and having them sent to me at school. presents anddd mail?! who wouldn't love it?
-triple double oreos. an oreo cookie on the bottom, layer of normal oreo cream, another oreo, layer of chocolate cream, finshed with another oreo. at 100 calories per cookie, they are both the most heavenly and most sinful thing i have ever found in the aisles of wegmans.

and thus concludes my super long post of my super long week.
hope you enjoyed it cause now i'm ready for another 4 to 8 hour nap.
goodnight kids.
enjoy your awkward half-fall, half-summer weekend.


B. said...

ughhh the poofy skirt! my worst nightmare. i'm sure that called for a triple double oreo - i don't have wegmans by me, i'm so jealous!

Marina said...

:) Your awkward things really made me laugh and thank you for that :)

Emily said...

Sounds great! And the awkwards were so funny. :)

Bec said...

ha ha ha. loved it. blogs are awesome. yours made me smile. lovely lady :)

Ariel said...

love this! And PS 4 hour naps are the best!