happy birthday bloggy!

and this is why i started blogging a year ago today.
it's why i still blog now.
not regularly and not particularly fabulously, but i do.
and i love it.
it's made me more aware of the beauty all around me.
so there you have it.
happy 1st birthday little bloggy!
here's to many more.

post-edit: this is also my 100th post.
how's that for perfect timing?


Anonymous said...

Awe, Happy Birthday to your blog! Love that little plaque too.


Alana said...

Happy bloggy birthday, and many more! :)

Lindsay R said...

blogging is fun and happy b-day to your blog. i love this little sign!


B. said...

I just happened across your blog the other day, and I really enjoy it! Super cute :) I'm at college in upstate New York too - I have a guess as to where you go. Happy 1 year blogversary!

Madeline said...

Oh hey perfect timing! So exciting for you :)

Cori Jessy - August and After said...

Happy birthday bloggy AND happy 100th post. :)