the one reason i'm okay with summer ending

guess what, kids?

it's september!

guess what that means?!

b comes home NEXT MONTH!!!!!!!!

from here

i'm actually not excited at all.


Kelly said...

Maybe THE cutest photo.

Happy for you! May there be a wild hug for you soon! :)

M. Flynn said...

So exciting! I love September, too.

Alana said...

That's so exciting! So happy for you.

That photo makes me smile. :)

Emily said...

I'm so excited for you!! It's the BEST feeling in the world. I have 2 more months to go until I see my man so I'm ok with Summer being over too. :)
Much love! x

bebe bird beck said...

Awww. So sooooon but I'm sure it feels like a million years away.

Cori Jessy - August and After said...

God I love that picture. The emotion. My dad's in the military and was deployed, I can't imagine having my partner enlisted. Excited for you to have your man back!