here i am

a few honest things on this late saturday night early sunday morning:

1) as healthy as the things in picture A are, and as good as they make me feel after a nice long workout, that frozen brownie batter goodness in picture B is the greatest comfort food known to woman.

picture A's healthy, nutritious deliciousness
picture B's fattening chocolatey goodness

2) i miss ben a lot.
i'm a strong, independent woman.
i don't need ben around, but god i want him here.
people ask me how i'm doing all the time, 
[thank god i have people who care]
and i tell them i'm fine, because i am, but truth be told, i miss him so much.
he'll be home soon, but that doesn't mean my heart will hurt any less for this next month and a half.

3) the forecast for tomorrow is rain and thunderstorms all day.
i'm excited for a morning to lay curled up in my bed listening to the rain fall and an afternoon on the couch working on projects and homework with a romantic movie playing.

4) i've been in love with words lately.
there's not much new about that, but especially these past few weeks, i find myself lost in whitman. 
walt whitman and pablo neruda.
 those men and their beautiful words. i can't get enough.

5) then there's this.
i'll leave you with this.

from here

goodnight world.


dana @ wonder forest said...

love that last photo!
xo dana

Ruby Girl said...

Oh my... perfect smooch!! Hope you can be back in bens arms soon!

Emma said...

frozen brownie batter?!!! YUM. i must try it.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Awww...well at least you are another day closer to seeing your lovey again, but yeah, that still doesn't change how much you miss him so. That chocolatey goodness looks perfect right now, I am craving for nutella but I ran out.

Alana said...

FROZEN brownie batter?! Hmm...

Hang in there for the next month and a half! The end is in sight!

I adore Neruda. As you can see here:

Mike and I were long distance at the time and reading those poems would make me bawl.