i'm running out of speculoos

hey kids.
i haven't written in a week, and while other bloggers may apologize, 
i don't feel like it.
i don't really care.
and i'm pretty sure you guys don't either.
it's like a game, checking your blog roll every day:
"is she gonna post today? no? maybe? pleaseeee?"
i'm mysterious and unpredictable this way.
it adds to my charm.

but uhh life has been good.
all sorts of good.
i decided to drop my one crazy class, therefore putting me at an easy peasy 12 credits this semester, plus the internship and all those jobs.
i decided i don't want to graduate in december.
i like being a college kid.
 it's fun here, it's easy here, and i'll be able spend more time with and then graduate with the friends that i've grown with over the past few years. 
i'll have one more semester of carefree fun and then real life will come soon enough. 
plus i'll get to take all those classes that have always sounded fun, but i never had time for. 
like ceramics? i'll take it.

also. three weeks, three weeks, threeeeee weeks!
the latest b will come home is 3 weeks from today.
[there's already a back-up plan in place to hold the person in charge hostage in case they've lied yet again and my man's not back in my arms by the 19th. don't worry]
i made a paper countdown chain and everything.
you know, those kind you make in preschool where you take a ring off every night before bed to count down until santa comes?
one of those.
21 little rings left, kids.

my sister came and spent the weekend.
that was fun.
disclaimer #1: my younger step-sister came one night too, but we didn't take any awesome pictures together, so she's left out in this little posty post.
disclaimer #2: no good pictures were taken of me and jessa either, so this is 3 weeks old. sue me.

and also. i got some links for you.
internet links, not sausage links.
[sorry, boys]
if you want to read something politically provoking, there's this. 
which i think is genius.
and if you want to read something genius in another way, there's this.
which is beautifully written and so true.

that's all for now.
i hope you all are having a good rainy day and listening to lots of Ray Lamontagne, Bon Iver and Mumford and Sons, like i am.
that's the only music to accompany this kind of day.

p.s.- that title up there?
it's true.
my speculoo stash is almost gone.
i'm not sure what to do next...


Emily said...

Three weeks!! You can do it. :) Wow, time flies doesn't it? I mean, it probably hasn't really flown for you- Easy for everyone else to say, right? Much love xx

Katya said...

Looove the links. I kind of agree with the idea behind the bake sale...I'm not a huge fan of affirmative action. Also, good for you for delaying graduation. You'll never really have a chance to do this college thing again in your life! Way to take full advantage of it!

Orange Autumn said...

I like that you made a paper chain, so cute :) I'm glad that you're enjoying the college life!

Katya said...

Thanks for the tip! I added it to my profile :)

Hooks said...

First of all: green grass!

Secondly: I told you to save me some Speculoos...jerk :(