if teleportation was a thing

as the forecast in rochester has a winter weather advisory for the next few days, i'm wishing i was somewhere very different.
somewhere warm & sunny.
somewhere relaxing.

let's go to Greece, maybe?
Santorini, Greece. I need this

Greece. is this real life?

all from here
definitely Greece.
see you there.


vintch said...

just knowing places like this exist on this world make me beyond happy. thanks for the monday inspiration, sweet friend:) xoxo

Amy said...

GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEECE. Oh man. One of my friends went to Greece about five years ago and brought back the most delicious Lemoncello and amazing photos... Gah.

His Little Lady said...

yep, definitely greece!!! just beautiful!
xo TJ

A "cheery" disposition said...

Greece is one of the first places I would visit if I had the money!!!

christine donee said...

You know what? Greece DOES sound nice.

Britt*Secondhand Magpie said...

If teleportation was a thing and you had figured it out with a plan to go here, I'd latch on to you like my life depended on it. That looks like pure heaven!

I just ran across your blog and can't wait to check it all out! Especially all the incoming wedding pics! Following for sure.

Secondhand Magpie

Corals Country said...

such beautiful pics!!