losing the vlog virginitayyyy

hello friends.
i am writing this from the future.
a place where there is free time, new clothes, and musicals on the DVD player.
in other words, a place where classes are DONE FOREVER and i'm oh-so-close to graduating and i have all damn afternoon to do as i please.
i decided that one of those things that i pleased was making my first ever vlog.

so here it is, folks.
my awkward, pointless vlog.


M. Flynn said...

Rent is seriously my favorite music in the world.

I love you and your sandwich.


Have a good weekend, real-life friend :) I like that this wasn't the first time I heard your voice.

Frankie said...

What happened to the engagement photos?!

Also, I love wegmans, and I made the same mistake when I first got that bread. And have fun at the formal tonight!

Katya said...

hahahah this is so great! I agree with Frankie- engagements?!

The Millers said...

Love this!! I'm so thrilled I stumbled upon your adorable blog. Xo

Jessie said...

After watching this I'm convinced we should be best friends. Oh and Rent is my favorte movie ever. I saw the play (musical..?) thing irl in high school. Amazing. Annnd I lol'd at the sammich part.

Fran said...

The sandwich thins....ahhhhh ahahahahaha
Too good. Almost makes me want to vlog, but I probably NEVER WILL.