a mish-mash

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i still don't have much time to blog today, but even i was getting sick of looking at that tattoo post that was on top for almost 2 weeks.

life lately has been lovely.
there have been more job applications, more hours of work and hours of play, long walks with lacey and runs with ben. spending a day in the e.r with a brother who got hit by a car and only ended up with a broken leg, and then a night at home, eating pizza with the family and being thankful that we all have each other. ben and i have found love in the simple acts of life: running to Wegmans for bagels, doing work side by side, dinners at diners and live music at our favorite bar.  just spending life together.

there's not much to report with wedding stuff, really. actually, we got our invitations late last week! i ordered a custom return address stamp, so once we get that in the mail too, we will be little invite addressing fools. but besides that, nothing new to report. ben and i are going back and forth about what the guys should wear, though. he bought a light grey suit for the big day, so i want the boys to wear gray pants and white shirts, but he wants black pants so that they don't have to buy anything new. yuck. we'll see who wins this little war.

i've been trying to squeeze in some reading in the moments in between. The History of Love was a Christmas gift to me from ben's parents, and I have loved getting into it. it's such a beautiful book. one of those where you read a line or a paragraph or two and just stop and say "holy cow". i'm not even halfway through, so if you read it and it has a terrible ending, don't blame me. all i'm saying it's that if the rest of the book is like the beginning of it, it's going to be one that's constantly found around my house and in my purse and in my car, with a worn-out binding and all.

graduation is a month from today. holy cow. these past 4 years have flown by. it makes me thankful for all of those moments i've put off homework and just gone out with the guys anyways. or spent hours walking around the track and then coming home and devouring some mac and cheese with lace. i saw a quote on pinterest that was something like "we're not going to remember those nights when we got enough sleep". and that's so true. that's my motto for this last month of college. i suppose i should put in some more effort and finish up the semester strong with all of those term papers, but besides that, i'm not going to worry about anything. i can sleep when i'm dead. [or the week after graduation]. for now, i'm planning on living it up while i can. while i don't have any real responsibilities to worry about.

speaking of responsibilities, there's still nothing to report about a grown up job. i haven't heard anything from anyone. and while it is mildly frustrating, i'm also okay with it. we'll figure it out. i'll get married to ben in just a few months and we'll figure everything out from there. as ingrid says "don't you worry there, my honey, we may not have any money, but we've got our love to pay the bills". it'll all work out.

i think ben and i are going to go on a little sunny-but-chilly-day run, so i should get ready for that. but today, i'm thankful for my life. for the sunshine streaming through the window, for a new comfy pillow, for a healthy brother, for 2 full days of extended-family time that we'll have this weekend, and for a Savior who loves me enough that He died for me, and then was powerful enough to rise again. what a mighty God i serve. and what a beautiful life i live.

i hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!


B. said...

That's exactly how my copy of The History of Love looks. It's my absolute favorite and most read book of all time. "Maybe the first time you saw her you were ten..."

Glad someone else feels the same way I do about it. And I'm so beyond happy to read that your brother is okay! I prayed hard when I saw your status. Life seems like its in a sweet spot for you right now :) xoxo

Katya said...

I hope something comes through soon as far as jobs go! Also, I love the gray suit idea (that's what Aaron wore). We went with guys in black and if I was going to do it all over again, I'd make them wear gray. I'm on your side, haha.

Good luck finishing up your semester!