i'm a Moment Junkie

i'm obsessed with photographs of people.
especially of people getting married.
especially of people involved in the wedding process.
especially of people in love.

so, to feed my addiction, some wonderful person created the Moment Junkie blog, full of photos of awesome moments at weddings, whether they're sweet moments, funny ones, or whatever.

just look at these.
by Barros
aren't they all just precious?
i can't wait for the photographs of our wedding.
but first come our engagement pictures!
word on the street is that i'm getting them mighty soon, so check back Friday for a post full of them!
get excited, people.


Katya said...

Love these! What great pictures! And I'm really excited to see your engagements!!!!!!

Frankie said...

These are all great but I especially love the second one. I went to a wedding over the weekend and took some photos that I posted on Monday. (Going through and picking my favorites was an awesome day-after activity.) I hope your engagement shoot goes well!

Chelsea Coleen said...

oh i love this! and i am SO excited to see yalls engagement pictures! lucky us!

Patty said...

love these photos!! Cant wait to see the rest!

Stephanie said...

I LOVE that site and hope to have one of my photos featured on it some day...