little love letters

 an awesome instax shot that our photographer sweetly took for me at the end of our engagement shoot.
today is a day for more little love letters.
so here goes:
dear engagement pictures: i just cannot wait to see you. we had so much fun walking around the park posing on Friday, just loving each other and letting BA document it. word on the street is that there will be some previews up on the FB tomorrow and i'm peeing myself in anticipation.

dear village of Brockport: lately, Ben and i have been making it a point to explore your sweet little streets and see what goodness we find hidden. lately, it's been an enchanting bookstore, a delicious restaurant that gets crazy on the weekends, and a candy store that smells like heaven. if we have to stick around Rochester for another year, we wouldn't mind spending it with you.

dear fiance: lately, you've been on this motorcycle fixing/adjusting streak and it's the cutest thing. i love seeing you do what you love to do, and also, those mr. fix-it skills are gonna come in handy for me pretty soon.

dear college: only 3 more days of classes. 3 days of classes, a unit exam, 3 term papers, and 2 finals away, and you will be done. can i just say how relieving it will be when this is all finished?

dear ice cream shops: hire me? i'd love a little summer job for in between graduation and the wedding. you'd give me a sweet smelling work environment, good arm muscles from all the scooping, and also some monies. i'd give you my awesome people skills, all the dedication in the world [who wouldn't be dedicated to ice cream?], and also a smiling face. it's a win-win.

dear little sister and father: we are all too alike. let's stop it with the stubbornness and just love, alright?

that is all. happy wednesday.


Chelsea Coleen said...

there is no way i just started following your blog?! this makes no sense. because i READ your blog. i must have thought i was following but really i would always click on your link from twitter. hmmm anywaaaaays!
this is such a cute post :) boys really are the handiest. i'd be a terrible boy. sometimes i can't even open up milk. whatever. oh! and guess what! austin's team is in buffalo right now playing buuuuut after their game tomorrow they travel to ROCHESTER for 4 days i believe to play the triple a team there. so you know, if you feel like going to a game and stalking my bf you are more then welcome :)

M. Flynn said...

I love when you write these sweet things :)

Jenni Austria Germany said...

by the looks of that instax, those are going to be some cuuuute photos!

Erica [pocket full of chuckles] said...

cant wait to see the engagement pics!!