and again

in case you're more of a visual person, here are some of our inspiration boards for our wedding.
[which is now in 49 days!]

all found here
this memorial day weekend, we have plans to just hang out and enjoy the sunshine.
ben's dad is making a video of us to play after dinner at the wedding, just kind of talking about our story and being in love and all that jazz and we're shooting most of it this weekend.
so i'm pretty pumped about that.
wedding planning is in full swing, and maybe i'll even start on some of my DIY projects for it this weekend too :)

hope you have a wonderful long weekend in this beautiful weather!


Anonymous said...

is it weird that i'm excited for your wedding, so i can see pictures of it? i'm pretty sure it's weird. and maybe a little creepy. :)


vintch said...

enjoy your weekend sweet friend! wedding planning is so fun:) you've got lots of great inspiration here!

Alexis said...

Ah! This wedding is going to be beautiful, I'm excited for you! I almost want to do it all over again for my own wedding :). Have a nice memorial day weekend!

Elisabeth said...

i'm loving the inspiration boards - ive never seen the gray suits with the dark ties before! corals and blues for wedding colors? or is it a more inclusive bright summery palette?

newest follower,

Katya said...

I love all of it! I kind of wish you could've planned my wedding for me, haha.

Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures! 49 days till your wedding (well I imagine less now the weekend is over), I hope you are not too stressed! It must be so exciting yet overwhelming! Enjoy every moment, I bet it will be just beautiful if the pictures above are anything to go by!

Sarah XxX

Kira said...

Based off of your inspiration, it looks like it will be so beautiful and fun!