the last

this was the last weekend of college.
but yes, a little sad. 

we certainly made the most of it, though.

then more fun with more friends.
 always more fun with friends.

then a few of our awesome friends were in an opera, so we crashed that.
& went out for beer-battered french fries and chicken fingers after.
or at least that's what i had.
& a little bit of homework, movie watching, and getting ready for the last week of college ever.

in 5 days, i'll be done with this whole college thing.
the good and the bad.
i have no words.

p.s- if you wanna follow along on instagram, it's "wildchild_jack" :)


Sadie Dear said...

hooray for new beginnings! Congratulations on such a swell ending. =)

oh, hello friend. said...

congrats congrats congrats, finishing college is such a great accomplishment. Looks like you're having some fabulous fun finishing up - take it all in, it goes by so fast ;) I love glee! thanks for reading my blog! xo, danni

Elizabeth said...

You bought a record player and played Clapton first.

Love that.