i had this moment of realization the other day that this isn't my summer break.
i'm now graduated from college, so these free days and nights aren't just another summer, where it's expected that i spend my days running around in the sun and my nights eating s'mores and star-gazing, like an irresponsible teenager.
no no, my friends, this glorious time off is what they call "unemployment".

but lest you think all i do is spend my time sitting around, eating bon bons and watching the Price is Right [i mean, that's maybe 1 day out of 7], here are some unofficial job titles i've held in these past two and a half weeks:

professional fake eyelash applicator
professional fishing cheerleader
[not as exciting as it sounds]
professional date night blazer wearer. also, queso eater.
professional self-wedding planner.
[more on that tomorrow]
professional volleyball watcher. also, body part waker upper.
[my butt is one of the first things that falls asleep, i've noticed]
andddd professional crafter.
not to mention, i've become pretty darn good at unloading the dishwasher, painting my nails outside, bar trivia, applying for [real] jobs, and getting tired before 11 pm, like a grown up.

maybe these are all things i can put on my resume?
any employer that counts being joyfully lazy as a skill is a friend of mine.


Frankie said...

Love that blue dress! Can't wait to hear more about the wedding plans :) I've been wedding obsessed lately...

The Braided Bandit said...

This post is so adorable! I am two years out of school now and it is STILL a wake up call that my job doesn't let out for summer or something like that! Good luck with your search! It sounds like you have been keeping plenty busy either way though!
Have a wonderful day!
xo Hannah

stefanie hurtado said...

haha this is adorable. and since i just graduated too, i definitely relate to the feeling that what WOULD be a relaxing break in between semesters is really just time for me to be lazy and soak in the magnitude of what just happened to my life.
adding the word professional to the many unproductive activities i've been doing makes me feel much less guilty about aimlessly traveling and not working just yet ;)
we deserve a break!