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i believe in being outside when it's warm out. letting the wind play with your hair and the sun kiss your skin. i believe in letting the fresh air inspire you.

i believe in celebrating. every last paper and every first kiss is a Big Deal and should be treated as such. balloons and clapping and champagne and all. 

i believe in staying home sometimes. there's something about a relaxed morning and your living room, a cup of hot cocoa in hand; in being productive in comfy clothes.

i believe in counting down. having something to look forward to gives you life. just as long as you're making sure to enjoy the now too.

i believe in putting the phone and the computer and the internet down. it's hard to disconnect, but how can you fully connect with your loved ones if part of you is in another world?

i believe in giving yourself time. it's okay to not know what you want right now. or to know, but to need time to get there. you'll get there eventually.

i believe in dancing in the kitchen. in stealing kisses between papers. in carving out time to make dinner together and then enjoy it together too. how do you know how much longer you'll have together? make the love important now.

i believe in always making the love the most important.

inspired by meg


Jenni Austria Germany said...

love this. also love your colorblock tabs in the sidebar.

Frankie said...

I love Meg's blog! I've been meaning to write a belief system for myself too. I LOVE yours. I love the " I believe in counting down. having something to look forward to gives you life. just as long as you're making sure to enjoy the now too." I'm working on looking forward less, and enjoying the now more. So that was a great line to see.

crazygirl said...

This is so adorable. I never knew you were so good with words until recently. Honestly, it's so beautiful jack. -your bestie

stefanie hurtado said...

oh, i love this. i can relate to the countdowns and final papers and all of the kisses in between, as i just finished too. it's such an unusual time in our lives. i think my senses are heightened more and more everyday, as uncertainty creeps in.

oh, and dancing in the kitchen is my favorite ;)

i love your blog! congratulations on graduating!

Britta Marie said...

i love this post. i believe in giving yourself time too :) thats a lesson it took me a long time to learn

Kristin said...

Love all of these things! You're right...love is most important. Always. Thank you for the inspiration!

vintch said...

Such truths. Especially the part about disconnecting and reconnecting with what's important - I really needed that reminder!

Tiffany said...

Beautiful post! I wrote one of these as well..also inspired by meg!

So glad to have found your blog--I'm your newest follower!