life post-grad

so i graduated!
top right, clockwise: graduation kisses, ben, me & bart, roomates, the crew minus chris :(
top right clockwise: mom & us kids, grandma,grandpa & i, dad & wanda & i, siblings & the extras 

it was such a good day.
i felt so loved by all of the people who sat through the boring ceremony just to support me and then came to Olive Garden to enjoy those celebratory breadsticks.
there was sunshine, there were friends & family, there was pasta.
plus i'm all done with school!
what more could i ask for?
then after a weekend of celebrating and relaxing, i had to jump right into my giant to-do lists.
exhibit A
[but this isn't even all of it]
there's wedding stuff to do, cleaning stuff to do, random little projects.
just a bunch of junk.
thankfully, jessa's helped me out with some of it, like registering for a few extra things at Target and trying out the massage chairs in the mall.
the rest of it is all up to me and i'm completely lacking motivation.
for the boring stuff, at least.
but let's be real, anything besides crafting and shopping and wedding stuff is super boring.
am i right?

friday, we went to the Lilac Festival with some of our friends, where there was a blues band playing and a shirtless old man dancing. we followed that lovely show up with delicious mexican and the first bonfire of the summer.

then this saturday, it was jessa's prom!
i helped her get ready and i think she turned out beautifully.
not that that's anything new.
saturday night, i went camping with the boys and then sunday, ben and i ran errands and relaxed. all in all, a successful weekend.
tonight we're celebrating mother's day because mom was out of town with jess all day yesterday. there will be homemade pizza, gifts, and good old quality time.
but before all that happens, i have to do more job application junk, go for a run, and maybe clean up a little.
this is that boring stuff i was talking about.
i'm sorry about leaving you all last week, so hopefully i'll make up for it this week.
check out some of my new ad swappers on the sidebar while you're waiting for a new post, if you'd like!
see you guys tomorrow!


Amy said...

Congrats, lady! Enjoy the wedding and life planning! I hope the boring things can be made not-so-boring by sunshine and music [meaning, listen to music while applying to jobs. & sit outside. It makes it more bearable]!

Stephanie said...

Congratulations!!! With school over, you can now enjoy all the excitement wedding planning has to offer :)

Jo(ke) said...

First of all: congratulations. That's awesome. Second: enjoy the wedding planning. I'm also getting married (in 52 days ;) ) and get the giant to do lists. But it's so much fun and very exciting, isn't it? :)

Patty said...

Congratulations for such a fantastic achievement!

Jane said...

I'm jealous...I decided to add a minor, so I'll be around for a little longer. Anyway -- congrats!


Jane said...

Cute blog -- just found you via Meg Fee!


dana @ wonder forest said...

yayyy congrats!!
xox dana

Meagan Murtagh said...

congrats!! the world is at your fingertips!!