it was a hot one

here's a little peeky-peek at my long weekend.
then again, when you're unemployed, every weekend is a long weekend.

 i got my crafting on, inspired by the oh so creative elise
 healthy breakfast in the sunshine
 wedding planning!
 training for that july 4th 5k. i'm more than halfway there!
super smoothies for lunch

 we're sisters. photoshoots are our thing.
 love this guy.
this memorial day, there was a picnic with some shirtless boys.
 errand running with him often includes a bookstore. and i love it
we started on projects for the wedding. so much fun.
so there it is: the last weekend in may.
it's been a kick ass month, but i am oh so ready for june.
cause then july is next!!!
you all know what that means.

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Alexis said...

It looks you had such a fun weekend!

Diana said...

I have been absent for way too long.

It looks like your long weekend was amazing and quite productive :)

I'd LOVE some assistance in linking my e-mail to my Blogger... and I'd love to be e-mail pals with ya (is that creepy? haha)!

It's dianapalka at gmail dot com :)

(P.S., I'm already too excited for some wedding pictures...)

-Chris- said...

wow those shirtless boys do look sexy... even if you don't like how competitive they are ;)