birthday wishlist

You guys, it's almost my favorite time of year: BIRTHDAY TIME!!!

My birthday is in 10 days and to be completely honest, birthdays are my jam. I love birthdays more than almost anything else. They're definitely my second favorite holiday [after Christmas, of course], and I love everyone's birthday, but I especially love mine.

I'm not sure what exactly we'll do for celebrating this year, but I took the weekend off of work, so hopefully it'll be an extravaganza. Am I the only one that turns their birthday into a week long event? Regardless, the past two years, I've made a little birthday wishlist on my blog and I've had a few family members [and Benny boy] tell me that it was super helpful. So, here it is: my wish list for my 22nd year.
1] Elise's "I LOVE _____ " stamp: With all of the paper crafting I do and Etsy orders I send out, I love having stamps to liven things up. This one is my favorite, now and forever.

2] Elise's Holiday Mixed Paper Book: This woman knows the way to my heart. These books are just made of pretty paper and cool little add-ins and then you're free to make the book into whatever you want. I bought the summer book and am using it to kind of scrapbook my awesome summer, with different pictures and journaling and things like that. I'd love the holiday one so I can document Christmas season this year.

3] store credit to Rowe Photo: Rowe is the photography store in town where you can get high-quality prints. We still don't have any of our wedding pictures printed out, so I'd love to be able to get some of those and hang them up around the house.

4] Fujifilm Mini Instax Film: Last year, my aunt and uncle gave me the Mini Instax camera after seeing it on my wishlist. I love it and use it as much as I can, so I'm almost out of film again. Those tiny pictures are just so cute.

5] VS Yoga Leggings: As much as I hate this company, they make good stuff. Yoga pants are the comfiest thing in the world, but my little sister just got the leggings and they look even better. Perfect for winter.

6] gift cards: I just love shopping. For now and for always, getting new clothes is one of my favorite things to do. Forever 21 and Target are the best for inexpensive, cute clothes and since I'm growing up, I figure my wardrobe should probably start to grow up too, with pretty things in it from J. Crew and Anthropologie.

And that is it. To be honest though, I know I'm getting old, because I'd rather have a nice day with the people that I love than get any of this. [But I feel like that's something my mom says, so that's scary]. Only 10 days, people!


Nicole said...

I am equally obsessed with birthdays, mine especially. I like that we share this trait. :)

Katya said...

Birthdays are the best! I'm intrigued by these yoga leggings, and that stamp is adorable!