Rex and another Rex?


There are no Friday Faves this week because I'm too busy fan-girling over our new Smart car! 

That tiny black thing right there is our sweet new ride [blurry picture courtesy of a snapshot of an Instax]. It is yet to be named, but I'm thinking Rex? Rex seems to fit just right for this little beast. Our other vehicle is a giant pick up truck, so it is an adjustment, getting used to driving this thing, but I like it so far. I like to drive fast and this thing can fly, so that's a plus.

In other news, I want a puppy. I want a puppy something fierce. Ben isn't so convinced, however. We're living a no strings attached kind of life, where we have the ability to pick up and go whenever we want, and we love it that way. A puppy would greatly affect that, always having to be home to let it out to go potty and let it run free and all that jazz. We'd get a pound puppy cause they're just so lonely and lovable, but it's gonna be money we'll have to spend on shots and food and stuff, so that part takes some thinking about. But they're just so cute!!! And just look at this one that's at a shelter in our town. How could you not?!

We don't have any real plans for this weekend. Maybe going to see a movie tonight [I have the night off work!] and being productive tomorrow. Hanging out with friends tomorrow night and eating our way around town on Sunday, with all of the free meals offered to veterans at almost every restaurant around. It should be a nice weekend, and if I can convince Ben of the puppy thing, maybe it'll be a puppy kisses filled weekend too. Hope yours is wonderful!


Kim said...

Puppies are oh-so-wonderful, but it's definitely a commitment. I live and breathe by my little pup, but he takes a lot of attention (ie: running all the time). It's definitely hard to decide something like "Oh, let's just go straight from work to go out tonight," because the dog needs to be fed and let out, but we've found a lot of ways to make it work. Did I mention people LOVE dog sitting? :) I hope you get the pup!

Anonymous said...

aweee rex is so cute! i'm pretty jealous. and you should probably definitely get a puppy. they are a TON of work...and i would recommend getting a smaller breed. they are just way easier. but whatever you guys decide on i'm sure you will love :)