friday faves [part 10]

First of all, how has it been 10 weeks since I started this Friday Faves thing?  And it's November. Time is fa-lying by.

Secondly, I splurged on this lunch yesterday to brighten my day, and let me tell you, it certainly helped. It was a thousand times better than it looks in this picture, believe me. Burgers, fries, and milkshakes can do wonders for any mood.

Thirdly, I've found some good stuff around the web lately! Here it is to keep you company in case your husband got kidnapped by the Air Force on Monday too and probably won't be back until like next year. Oh wait, that's just me:

- As if babies in adorable Halloween costumes on Wednesday didn't already make your ovaries ache, there's this dancing baby that is probably the cutest baby I've ever seen.

- For any girl that's ever wanted to just find a good boy for Taylor Swift: this.

- Time to bake this weekend? These sound like some work, but I'd bet anything that it pays off.

- The genius that created this website should get an award because it can fix any crappy mood. Try it.

- The positive to the fact that I apparently bombed that last interview is at least I didn't do any of these hilariously awful things.

- Thankfully, I was at my mom's for Halloween this week or else, I would have been like this.  And then I would have pulled the texting version of this. Also, it was my first time staying at home since I got married, so I was totally like this in my sister's room. But now, I'm home, getting cozy again and after a few nights of working, hopefully my Sunday will be like this.

This weekend could go two ways: me working all day tomorrow and Saturday night and being a lonely shut in the rest of the time [which doesn't sound too bad actually], or Ben finally coming home and us heading down to New York to go to the Giants game on Sunday. Ben has a ticket and is hoping he gets back in time, but with the military, you just never know. 

Either way, I think it'll be nice weekend. I'm hoping, at least! I hope you all have a good weekend too. 

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Aprad said...

I loved the crappy mood website!!

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